Motions Booklet – word document Motions for Left Unity Policy Conference (1)
Motions booklet – pdf Motions for Left Unity Policy Conference (1)

Standing orders committee report no 1 – word document Standing Orders Report Spring 2014 (2)
Standing orders committee report no 1 pdf: Standing Orders Report Spring 2014 (2)

Report on internal elections : word document Report_on_internal_elelections
Report on internal elections: pdf  Report_on_internal_elelections

Standing Orders Committee report No 2 word: SOC2 vfinal
Standing Orders Committee report No 2 pdf: SOC2final

Transitional National Council report: word document: Left Unity Transitional National Council Report (2)  Book2 (1) Book2monthly
Transitional National Council report:pdf Left Unity Transitional National Council Report Copy of Book2monthly  Copy of Book2 Book2 (1)

Greetings from Scottish Socialist Party: word document Scottish Socialist Party sends comradely greetings to this conference and wishes it every success
Greetings from Scottish Socialist Party pdf: The Scottish Socialist Party sends comradely greetings to this conference and wishes it every success





The following motions and commission documents were received for submission to the Standing Orders Committee for the policy conference on 29 March and have now been incorporated into the motions booklet:

Policy commission documents

Anti Racism Commission – Anti Racism: DOC / PDF
*Anti Racist Commission – Migration: DOC / PDF
**Economics Commission – Economy: DOC / PDF
Foreign Policy Commission – International: DOC / PDF
Health Policy Commission – Health: DOC / PDF

*please note this has been added since this page originally went up
**please note this was modified on 04.03.14 following amendments made at the Economics Policy Commission meeting on 01.03.14

Branch motions

Birmingham – 2 motions – TTIP & Listening: DOCPDF
*Birmingham – NHS: DOC / PDF
Bristol – 2 motions – Austerity & Elections: DOCPDF
Crouch End – Europe: DOCPDF
Greenwich and Lewisham – climate change: DOCPDF
Glasgow – Palestine BDS campaign: DOCPDF
Islington – NHS: DOCPDF
**Lambeth – EU: DOCPDF
Leicester – 3 motions – Nukes, ATOS & Art: DOC / PDF
Liverpool – Housing: DOCPDF
Leicester – International: DOCPDF
**Manchester – EU: DOC / PDF
Manchester – Fracking: DOC / PDF
Manchester – Syria: DOCPDF
Manchester SC – Zero Hour Contracts: DOCPDF
Milton Keynes – 4 motions – War, Housing, Environment & **EU: DOCPDF
Northampton – Campaign materials: DOCPDF
Northampton – Defend student protest: DOCPDF
Nottinghamshire – 3 motions – Childcare, Sex Workers & Tactics: DOCPDF
Norwich – Welfare: DOCPDF
Rugby – Unifying the left: DOCPDF
Southwark – 21 Hours: DOCPDF
Southwark – EU: DOCPDF
Southwark – Floods: DOCPDF
Stockport – Fracking: DOCPDF
Waltham Forest – Palestine: DOCPDF
***West London – Austerity, Trade Unions, Health Service Campaigns & Branch Activity: DOC / PDF
West London – Election Amendment: DOCPDF

*please note this motion was previously listed as an individual motion in error
**please note these motions  contain similar but different content
***please note this has been added since this page originally went up

Individual motions

Nik Barstow – EU: DOCPDF
Tina Becker – Democracy: DOCPDF
Michael Copestake – Environment: DOCPDF
Ian Donavan – Crime: DOCPDF
Robert Eagleton – NUS: DOCPDF
Richard Farnos – Housing & LGBT: DOCPDF
Mark Fischer – Army: DOCPDF
Steve Freeman – Scotland: DOCPDF
Ben Lewis – Nation: DOCPDF
Moshe Machover – State: DOCPDF
Yassamine Mather – War: DOCPDF
Sarah McDonald – EU: DOCPDF
Pete McLaren – Elections: DOCPDF
Georgina Moles – Democracy: DOCPDF
Lee Rock – Housing: DOCPDF

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Just Stop Oil – Slow Marches

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Saturday 6th July: National March for Palestine

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