Fundamental change does not begin with Brexit

Left Unity believes Brexit is a danger to the peoples of Britain, a danger politically, economically and socially. Read more »

Seven reasons why we defend Free Movement

Migrants are net contributors to society. All serious economic research has shown that migrants make a substantial net contribution to the British economy. Read more »

Press release from Die Linke – Brexit: Mr Corbyn, übernehmen Sie

Die Linke, The Left Party in Germany and member of the European Left Party shows solidarity with Britain’s Left Read more »

Gilet Jaunes Demands

France is protesting long and loud. The yellow jacket protesters in France are not a unified, central movement but one with diverse histories, and aims. Read more »

The murder of Pawel Adamowicz

As thousands have joined marches across Poland in protest at the murder of Pawel Adamowicz, Mayor of Gdansk, Read more »

The Queen Bee is damaged but the hive is still dangerous

Theresa May has been damaged by the extraordinary scale of the parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal. Read more »

“The main enemy is at home!” – Karl Liebknecht about those who killed him

The 15th January marks the 100th Anniversary of Karl Liebknecht’s murder. A life long campaigner for peace and socialism, writes Nick Jones. Read more »

Luxemburg, Liebknecht and the German Revolution

A month after the double murder of Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg  a photo appeared in the Communist Rote Fahne (Red Flag) newspaper, writes Nick Jones. Read more »

A tribute to Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg was murdered one hundred years ago, murdered to stop her work as a socialist, writes Felicity Dowling. Read more »

Hungarian government faces warm political winter

  On Sunday, 16th of December more than 30,000 people rallied against a new “Slave Law” passed by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s right wing government.  Matyas Benyik and György Droppa report. Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

Brexit: Corbyn needs to take an international lead

In 12 weeks on 29 March 2019 the UK will leave the EU unless the article 50 notice is withdrawn or delayed, writes Len Arthur.  Read more »

Samir Amin – in conversation

Walter Baier from Transform Europe interviewed the late, great Samir Amin in September 2017. His words have huge resonance today. Read more »

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Local reports

Tens of thousands joined TUC demo

Trade union members, peace campaigners and politicians joined pensioners and families from across Britain Read more »

South London Left Unity Public Meeting

South London public meeting where Richard Farnos spoke on the gig economy and Ian Townson Chair of UNITE Community Lambeth & Southwark spoke on the campaign for the Picturehouse workers. Read more »

‘Save Our NHS – Fighting Back to Win’ Demonstration in Barnsley 28th October

The newly formed, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw NHS Action Group (SYBNAG) is appealing for support Read more »

Birmingham Left Unity organises protest in support of refuse workers’ strike

Bob Whitehead reports Read more »

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