Progressive nationalism: combatting the far-right in the struggle for national liberation

Left Unity congratulates Sinn Féin on its historic election victory. As party president Mary Lou McDonald says, this is indeed a revolution at the ballot box and we wish Sinn Féin every success in broadening and deeping this process Read more »

Election defeat: what happened and what next?

By Andrew Burgin and Kate Hudson. A shattering defeat… The election of 2019 has given Boris Johnson the majority he craved. His campaign was fought on the most fundamentally dishonest basis: Read more »

Seven reasons why we defend Free Movement

Migrants are net contributors to society. All serious economic research has shown that migrants make a substantial net contribution to the British economy. Read more »

The Irish General Election – The Green Shoots of a new Ireland?

The Irish general election result has totally transformed the Irish political landscape but in so doing is likely to also change the Anglo-Irish relationship and the relationship between the two parts of Ireland. Read more »

2020 internal elections: call for nominations

Since our party’s last annual elections in March 2019, the world is facing increasing dangers: Read more »

‘Respect for Historical Memory in Europe’. Open letter against EP resolution.

On the initiative of transform! europe, more than 170 intellectuals, including scholars, teachers, and politicians from all parts of Europe, have signed an open letter in which they reject the latest resolution of the European Parliament (EP) regarding the politics of memory Read more »

Podcast: Are we headed for a united Ireland?

Left Unity’s Principal Speaker Joseph Healy joined Another Europe on this podcast to discuss where Brexit will leave Northern Ireland. Read more »

Progressive government formed in Spain

Report from a Spanish comrade. On Monday 13 January the new government of Spain was sworn in. This government is a coalition between the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Unidas Podemos (Podemos + Izquierda Unida). Read more »

Left Unity condemns US state terrorism in Iraq

Left Unity condemns the US killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and six others in a drone strike in Iraq. Read more »

New deveopments on the Czech Left – Skutecna Levice

On the 6th of November this year there was a national teachers strike here in the Czech Republic, writes Diana Young Read more »

European Left Party Congress in Malaga, 13th to 15th December

Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

Comments on the 10 Point Pledge for Labour leadership candidates

David Landau writes: It is a shame that all five candidates to be leader of the Labour Party Read more »

Scotland after the Election: a brief overview

On Saturday 11 January 2020 upwards of 80,000 people marched in driving rain through the streets of Glasgow in support of Scottish independence and opposition to the new hard right Tory government in Westminster, writes Craig Lewis. Read more »

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Local reports

Tens of thousands joined TUC demo

Trade union members, peace campaigners and politicians joined pensioners and families from across Britain Read more »

South London Left Unity Public Meeting

South London public meeting where Richard Farnos spoke on the gig economy and Ian Townson Chair of UNITE Community Lambeth & Southwark spoke on the campaign for the Picturehouse workers. Read more »

‘Save Our NHS – Fighting Back to Win’ Demonstration in Barnsley 28th October

The newly formed, South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw NHS Action Group (SYBNAG) is appealing for support Read more »

Birmingham Left Unity organises protest in support of refuse workers’ strike

Bob Whitehead reports Read more »

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