Jeremy Corbyn: a new moment, a new movement

A motion passed by Left Unity's executive committee on Saturday Read more »

A criminal attack on Greece

This is a statement from Left Unity’s executive committee. Read more »

National Conference 2015 – pre-conference timetable

Here are the key dates for Left Unity branches and members in the run up to our 2015 National Conference. Read more »

Refugees are not trying to ‘break in’, they are seeking safety

A Left Unity press release. Read more »

The Corbyn campaign and the right-wing panic

The movement in support of Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader has set politics alight – and got the media in a panic Read more »

We need a united, strong response to new anti-strike laws

Left Unity trade union officer Oliver New writes on the Tory attack. Read more »

The struggle of the Greek people

Left Unity national secretary Kate Hudson writes. Read more »

Protests say Oxi to Osborne

Fred Leplat from Barnet Left Unity reports on the protests against the budget. Read more »

A budget of welfare cuts for the poor, tax cuts for business and the rich

Pete Green writes on the reality of a nasty budget that is being obscured by the spin. Read more »

The government can change the definition of ‘child poverty’, but it won’t change the reality

Felicity Dowling writes on how the budget will affect children. Read more »

The budget of fear

Sharon McCourt from Birmingham Left Unity writes ahead of budget day. Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

In defence of the Nordic ‘Sex Purchase Act’

Brigitte Lechner of Stockport Left Unity gives her view. Read more »

Draft policy statement on assisted dying/suicide, individual autonomy and the freedom to make choices

Bob Williams-Findlay introduces a draft statement from the Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus Read more »

The limits and opportunities of the Corbyn campaign

Corbyn deserves our support, but we must recognise the Labour Party for what it is and build an autonomous social movement, writes Duncan Thomas. Read more »

All roads lead to Rome? The rise of the Labour left and socialist politics

Simon Hardy examines the politics behind the Labour left and offers some critical thoughts on the way forward Read more »

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Local reports

Left Unity Manchester condemns Homeless Camp ban

A statement from Left Unity Manchester on today’s court decision regarding the Homeless Camp Read more »

Stockport United Against Austerity

Stockport Left Unity reports on a local campaign. Read more »

Manchester stands with Greece

Bev Keenan from Left Unity Manchester reports. Read more »

Greece solidarity rally in Birmingham

Bob Whitehead reports on a protest in the city in support of the people of Greece. Read more »

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Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Sat 29 August, 09:30
Red Futures: A Day of Debate and Discussion Left Unity Youth
Birkbeck, University of London

Sun 30 August, 14:00
Third Annual Summer Barbecue Hackney and Tower Hamlets Left Unity
Contact for more information

Fri 4 September, 15:00
NCAFC Summer training and gathering (4-6th of September) National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

Tue 8 September, 19:15
Teesside LU branch meeting Teesside Left Unity
St Mary's Centre, Middlesbrough

Sat 12 September, 11:00
5th Wigan Diggers' Festival - Saturday 12th September 2015 Wigan Diggers' Festival
Gerrard Winstanley Gardens - The Wiend, Wigan

Sat 26 September, 10:30
Birkbeck, University of London

Sat 3 October, 00:00
Take Back Manchester - Protest The Tory Party Conference The People's Assembly Against Austerity

Sun 4 October, 11:00
Gathering The Bloc - for march at Conservative Conference Manchester
Salford Museum and Art Gallery, Manchester

Sat 10 October, 10:30
Austerity, Debt and the Crisis
Teatro Technis, 26 Crowndale Rd, London, NW1 1TT

Wed 4 November, 13:00
NATIONAL DEMO: Free Education & Living Grants For All: No Barriers // No Borders // No Business! National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts

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