Discussion & Debate

What next?

Felicity Dowling writes: What next for socialists and all those who wish to defend and extend the rights and the wealth of the working class Read more »

Why a Campaign for a National Care and Support Service (NCSS) would still promote oppressive practice

Bob Williams-Findlay writes: The following piece reflects my own view and is not necessarily the representative of the views held by either the Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance or Left Unity Read more »

Disability politics and the coronavirus pandemic

Tarsam Singh writes, with the help of his carers: On Sunday 24th May, Sandra Daniels and Bob Williams-Findlay, both long-standing disability and political activists Read more »

European Left: standing with Black Lives Matter

During the past week, the world has witnessed the brutal death of George Floyd, an African-American citizen murdered by a police officer in Minnesota, in a vile act of white supremacy. Read more »

A Question of Care – Why tensions exist

From Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus: We are supportive of the position paper on Independent Living written by Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance. Read more »

Transform! europe Meeting the Left: Heinz Bierbaum

Watch the web interview with Heinz Bierbaum, the President of the European Left Party Read more »

Updating our policies in the light of coronavirus and related crises

Twelve comrades have directly contributed to this ongoing work. Read more »

The virus and the response

From Birmingham and West Midlands Left Unity: Neo-liberalism We have been living through four decades of neo-liberalism Read more »

International Women’s Day in the Czech Republic: a report from Brno

Brno, one of the principal cities of the Czech republic, has a left progressive community which, in many cases, contrasts favourably with the capital city Prague, writes Diana Young. Read more »

The ongoing crisis within Social Care

Bob Williams Findlay  from Left Unity’s Disabled Members’ Caucus, writes Read more »

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