Statement from ‘Ensemble!’ on French election result

The worst has been avoided – time for a Defiant Left! Voters have rejected the immediate danger of the right-wing taking power and what it would have entailed: challenging fundamental freedoms, rolling-back democratic and social rights, persecuting foreigners, ‘preference nationale’ or putting the ‘French first’ in a bid to whip up racism … Nearly 11 […] Read more »

French voters reject the fascist Front National

Nick Jones looks at some of the responses from the French left to the Presidential election results tonight   The far right allies of the Front National have little to celebrate this evening as yet another country rejects the politics of division and hate. The latest election analysis from Ipsos Sopra Steria suggests a strong […] Read more »

Freedom of movement is everybody’s right

HERE TO STAY!  HERE TO FIGHT! by David Landau The question of immigration will be central to this General Election, whether immigration is talked about directly or indirectly in the debate about Brexit.  Theresa May insists that the election is about Brexit – ‘strengthening my hand in negotiating with the leaders of 27 countries’.  But […] Read more »

Brexit Election Delivers Carnival of Reaction

Phil Hearse on the results of the recent local and mayoral elections The huge Labour losses in the local council elections are just what the Labour Right was hoping for. Peter Mandelson said as much late last year, when he stated he was hoping for Theresa May to call an early election that would result […] Read more »

PCF Declaration on the presidential election

Statement by the French Communist Party on the presidential election calling for a vote against Le Pen and unity discussions on the left. The second round of the French presidential election will be a contest between the racist and xenophobic candidate of the far right, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron, the candidate selected by […] Read more »

No to Johnson’s war drive

Following the Foreign Secretary’s talk of attacking Syria, Left Unity Principal Speaker, Joseph Healy, said: “At a time when the prospect of nuclear war hangs over North East Asia, Boris Johnson has decided to sound the war drums over Syria. Not only that but he seriously proposes to bypass Parliament with any such decision! Has […] Read more »

What disabled people need from Labour

Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus Introduction The decision of Theresa May to call a snap General Election for the 8th June 2017 has caught everyone by surprise. The Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus were in the process of using the Spring Conference to launch a discussion on the type of policies we believe are necessary […] Read more »

Left Unity Disabled Members Caucus statement on the General Election

Disabled people expect more from Labour Introduction The decision of Theresa May to call a snap General Election for the 8th June 2017 has caught everyone by surprise. Members of our Caucus are fully aware of the significance of this General Election for ordinary people but in particular sick and disabled people. In the communities […] Read more »

NAFTA Redux and on Steroids: Letter from North America

Ernie Tate’s latest message from America.  The new Trump administration has made NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States, a major issue in its relations with its two neighbours.  Recently, Trump has threatened to tear it up.  With his standard nationalist demagogy, he claims “previous bad trade deals”, […] Read more »

Defeat Le Pen: Vote against fascism in France

 Steve Jefferys on the second round of the French presidential elections. In France the whole trade union movement has finally showed 99% unanimity in calling workers to vote against Le Pen and the National Front on Sunday May 7. The CGT, Force Ouvriere, Solidaires, the CFDT, FSU and even the Christian CFTC, which only once […] Read more »

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