Gaza under increasingly violent Israeli attack

“The European Left denounces the increasing Israeli attacks on Gaza that have been observed during the past weeks, Read more »

Belarusian Left speaks out

Left Unity interviews Pavel Katarzheuski from the Belarusian Left Party “Fair World” Read more »

US B-52 bombers back in Britain: escalating nuclear tensions

Kate Hudson writes: Six US Air Force B-52 bombers arrived at RAF Fairford on Saturday. Read more »

Northern Rebellion: XR Cumbria

Allan Todd writes: With any sporting activity, it is necessary to warm up beforehand – especially if there has been a spell of inactivity. Read more »

The Italian Left on the political crisis in Belarus

The crisis emerging in Belarus comes from afar with its origins to be found in the context that opened after the end of the Soviet Union. Read more »

European Left in solidarity with its Belarus party

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left in solidarity with EL member party: “During the protests after presidential elections in Belarus, among others, members of our partner party “Fair World” have been detained Read more »

From the Belarusian Left Party

“The events of recent days show that the unprecedented actions of the authorities to violate the fundamental norms Read more »

Welsh Government ‘U’ turn: teacher assessment will determine grades

Len Arthur writes: Kirsty Williams, the Welsh Government Minister for Education, has just announced a complete climb down. Read more »

Extend the Covid-19 eviction ban!

Doug Thorpe writes: The moratorium on housing evictions is due to end on 23 August and courts are gearing up to start processing eviction applications again from 24th. Read more »

Down with the Algorithm!

Andrew Burgin writes Students took to the streets this week after the government refused to accept the professional judgement of teachers in respect of their projected A level results. Read more »

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