Italian election spells disaster

The election of the Lega/Five Star Movement (M5S) government in Italy spells disaster for Italians and migrants alike in Italy, writes Joseph Healy. Read more »

Gaza: Stop the Massacre

Today Israeli forces killed over 50 Palestinian protesters with live fire in Gaza. Read more »

Internationalism in the era of Trump, protectionism and war

The British labour movement, and its radical left wing in particular Read more »

Condemning the attacks on Syria

Left Unity joins the widespread condemnation of the air attacks on Syria Read more »

Orban’s politics ‘a toxic mix’, says Left Unity

“The election of Viktor Orban with an increased majority in Hungary is a dark day for both Hungary and Europe Read more »

Petition: Save the Rosa Luxemburg plaque!

The plaque commemorating Rosa Luxemburg’s birthplace has been removed Read more »

Left Unity condemns the IDF’s massacre of peaceful Palestinian protestors

Today, 20,000 Palestinians marched peacefully on the #GreatReturnMarch in the besieged Gaza strip Read more »

Internal election results

Results for Left Unity’s internal elections are now in. Read more »

On the imprisonment of Carles Puigdemont

Gregor Gysi, President of the European Left, has stated: Read more »

UCU in action

The current pensions dispute between the UCU and the Pre-92 university employers and Universities UK Read more »

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Peterloo Massacre 2018 Commemorative Rally & Picnic

In Manchester, hosted by Greater Manchester Association of Trades Union Councils. More info on Facebook

9-11 November
European Forum of Progressive Forces, Bilbao

To debate, build and act to ward-off current threats.

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