Brexit – the view from Ireland

I have just returned from a short trip to Dublin Read more »

No US war on Venezuela

Latin American countries are powerfully condemning and opposing President Trump’s military option against Venezuela.  Read more »

The US-North Korea crisis

The US is to blame for the crisis with North Korea and the US could solve it, Read more »

Fighting for climate justice

Climate change is a key factor in oppression of the poor worldwide, writes Phil Hearse Read more »

Support the Birmingham Bin Strike!

The Birmingham Bin Strike is back on. The optimism two weeks ago that a deal had been struck has now turned to disappointment and anger. Read more »

Defend Free Movement

Left Unity welcomes Labour’s recent statement, writes Principal Speaker, Joseph Healy Read more »

No nuclear war

The terrible threat of nuclear war has suddenly become a reality in East Asia Read more »

Poland: resisting Catholic authoritarianism and nationalism

Poland has been convulsed politically, writes Joseph Healy. Read more »

Discussing Brexit in Budapest

Left Unity’s National Secretary, Felicity Dowling, speaks at the European Left’s Summer University in Budapest: Read more »

Trouble in Toryland

Politics in Britain has finally become very interesting, writes Sara Peterson. Having lived through Blair, Brown, the Con-Dems, the Tory Government, there are actually some seismic shifts in electoral politics. Read more »

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Saturday 25th November
Trump: Nuclear Apocalypse or New Cold War?

Leeds Swarthmore Centre at 2pm with Kate Hudson, General Secretary, CND. The threat of nuclear war is at its highest level since the Cold War. What can socialists do to stop it? facebook here

Saturday 25th November
Discussing Catalan self-determination

South London Left Unity discussion, also talking about the future of the left outside the Labour Party: 1- 4pm, Camberwell Library, Camberwell Green London SE5 7AL. All welcome.

Saturday 2 December
Latin America Conference 2017

TUC Congress House London at 9.15am: With countries across Latin America facing a resurgent right and the threat of intervention from Trump, this year’s Latin America Conference will be the most crucial yet. More info here

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