A mass movement to defend democracy is born #stopthecoup

  On the last day of August a new mass movement was born. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of cities, towns and villages across the UK to protest Read more »

Ireland – Dancing on the Volcano

I am writing this article on the verge of leaving for Ireland to visit the border town of Newry, Co. Down for British and Irish Pride as a delegate of my union UNITE Read more »

Defend Democracy: Stop the Coup!

 Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament is the latest stage of a right-wing Tory coup that has been unfolding since the Brexit referendum in 2016. The suspension of parliament will presage a calamitous hard Brexit Read more »

Against the G7, for the rights of peoples and nations!

European Left Party statement: The G7 meets in a bunker atmosphere in Biarritz Read more »

Resources for solidarity with the Kurdish struggle

Solidarity with the opposition in Turkey Read more »

Brazil’s ‘car wash’ investigation in the mud: a dirty war against the left

As the Brazilian right-wing is imposing on the South American country a grave regression Read more »

A new nuclear arms race looms

As we approach the 74th anniversary of the catastrophic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Read more »

Flirting with Fascism – the arrival of Boris Johnson

Left Unity Principal Speaker Joseph Healy writes on the latest developments: Read more »

Chomsky signs Turkey’s Academics for Peace appeal

Academics are lining up to support this appeal for peace and express solidarity with the targets of Erdogan’s attacks on freedom and basic rights Read more »

[Sun 29 Sept, 12.00 – 16.00] Shut Down The Tories – Protest the Tory Party Conference

Every day outside Parliament. Check the map for more protests. Read more »

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