They Don’t Represent Us! Thousands Protest in Leeds

Around two thousand people protested in Leeds yesterday to demand Theresa May and her Government resign, reports Nick Jones from Leeds Left Unity. The protest was originally called in response to the incorporation of the Democratic Unionist Party into the Government but the anger after the terrible events in London and the Grenfell tower block […] Read more »

Grenfell – a call to action

Andrew Burgin The fire at the Grenfell tower block was an entirely avoidable tragedy. Many people have died and dozens injured and hundreds made homeless. We do not yet know the true extent of the deaths. It is a heartbreaking situation and we in Left Unity extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved and injured […] Read more »

Stop Privatising the NHS – Tell Simon Stevens to Bog off!

Protest: Wednesday 14th June at 12.30pm before Simon Steven’s appearance at 1-2pm at the Ron Cooke Inn, University of York, Heslington, York Yo10 5GE. Following  Theresa May’s election humiliation it is time to take to the streets, says Nick Jones from Leeds Left Unity. That’s why NHS Campaigners from across the Yorkshire Region will be […] Read more »

The Corbyn Revolution

Neil Faulkner This is bigger than any of us could have imagined. This feels like a sea change in British politics, comparable with 1979, when Labour crashed to defeat, Thatcher stormed to power, and the neoliberal counter-revolution began. James Callaghan, the Labour prime minister defeated in 1979, said to his advisor just before polling day, […] Read more »

Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn!

Left Unity congratulates Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party on an outstanding election result and calls on Theresa May to stand down. This has been a remarkable, policy-oriented election campaign which has shifted the political narrative in Britain. Significant numbers – including amongst young people – have rejected Tory policies based on fear, intolerance, stoking […] Read more »

Scotland and the Tory Brexit election

Steve Freeman and Julie Morrow write: The general election is an opportunity for the working class in Scotland to build a stronger and more militant opposition to Tory Brexit and all anti-working class austerity policies whether from Tory or SNP governments. It is an opportunity to organise a stronger democratic movement against the Union, including […] Read more »

Vote for the NHS this week, Vote Labour!

Felicity Dowling draws parallels with the US health system and argues that defence of the NHS is a crucial reason to vote Labour. The National Health Service, founded in the aftermath of an unprecedented war and the 1945 Labour victory, is a truly valued institution. It was founded to be free at the point of […] Read more »

A new approach is needed

Left Unity condemns the brutal and criminal terrorist attack on London last night. We send our deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those so tragically lost, and our love and solidarity to those injured and in distress. The Prime Minister says that things cannot continue as they are, that things need to change, […] Read more »

‘A suicidal decision’: Left Unity condemns Trump over Paris Agreement

On Wednesday, the Dail (the Irish parliament) passed a bill banning onshore fracking in the Irish Republic. Ireland now joins three other EU states in banning fracking and the environmental risks associated with it, as well as its impact on climate change. By contrast, President Trump, the so-called ‘Leader of the Free World’ has just […] Read more »

Immigration in Labour’s Manifesto

Dave Landau analyses Labour policy One of the most important acid tests for socialists is our attitude towards immigration.  This is generally so but in this election, pivoting as it does on Brexit and Freedom of Movement, crucially so.  Jeremy Corbyn and the progressive forces around him have a good track record on this question, […] Read more »

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Weds 12 July, 19:30
Who’s beating back ISIS in Syria?

Learn more with Rahila Gupta, freelance journalist, writer & activist, who visited Rojava in 2016.

David’s Bookshop, Eastcheap, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3DE. £3 entry.  Organised by the North Herts Friends of Rojava. Contact

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