COVID-19 – Government Inaction Puts Disabled People’s Lives At Risk

Statement from Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance (ROFA), a national network of organisations run and controlled by disabled people in England. Read more »

FBU: Fire and rescue services lose hundreds of firefighters to self-isolation

Fire Brigades Union press release 20 March 2020 For immediate release Read more »

Coronavirus: Government and EU policies completely inadequate, says Italian left

The proposals of Rifondazione Comunista The emergence of the coronavirus has made evident the unsustainability of the neo-liberal social model based on the progressive reduction of welfare. Read more »

Consequences of crisis cannot rest on the shoulders of the working classes

Statement from the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) on the coronavirus pandemic. The PCE participates in the government of Spain. Read more »

Protect the People

  A new campaign is being built for maximum action to stop the virus. • We need isolation for everyone who is sick, treatment for everyone who needs it, and testing for everyone who asks for it. Now. • Where we do not have the capacity, bend every sinew and spend every pound we can […] Read more »

On the Pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Disabled People

The position of Left Unity Disabled Members’ Caucus, addressing the three-fold issues facing disabled people of all ages Read more »

Protect the People: maximum action to stop coronavirus – sign this letter

If we do not change their minds quickly, Boris Johnson and the UK government will be responsible for a frightening number of unnecessary deaths. We need a massive campaign now to make them change course. Please sign. Read more »

Our enemy is not the refugee – our enemy is fascism

Statement on the current crisis from the European Left Party Read more »

2020 internal election results

Each year Left Unity elects representatives for the National Council and Officer posts. Read more »

KONP statement on coronavirus

In the light of the imminent health emergency posed by the coronavirus Keep Our NHS Public calls on the Government to take the following steps: Read more »

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