Support Art Workers!

Join Transform! europe’s webinar on the plight of cultural workers across Europe during the pandemic. Read more »

Why was the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

The United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima 75 years ago today. It remains an act of barbarism unparalleled in the history of war – and its use was never a necessity. Read more »

Diary of a pandemic shop steward

Joseph Healy writes: After the death of my colleague and friend, I became the main trade union representative Read more »

Urgent solidarity for Beirut needed

The European Left Party has shared this appeal from the Communist Party of Lebanon Read more »

For a red-green united front!

The next (online) meeting of West Midlands Left Unity will be on Saturday 15th August, at 12 noon. There will be two key areas for discussion. Read more »

A tribute to John Hume

The death of the Nobel Peace winner and veteran campaigner for peace and justice is a seminal moment in Irish history. Read more »

EL launches Platform on Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 shows us we need a complete transformation of the economy: sustainable, just and in the hands of the people. Read more »

Meet Evo Morales in discussion with the European Left

You are invited to join a Webinar organized by the European Left: “The EL meets Evo Morales: democracy, self-determination, and people’s inclusion”. Read more »

European Left Vice-President backs new anti-cold war campaign

Faced with the threat of a new cold war, due to increasingly aggressive statements and actions being taken by the US government, Read more »

Venezuela between pirates, COVID and sanctions

Marco Consolo writes: If it weren’t serious, we’d laugh at the cynical hypocrisy of the empire. For almost 20 years Washington and London (and the European Union) have been behaving with Maduro’s Venezuela like old corsairs. Read more »

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