Conference Standing Orders

Standing Orders Committee (SOC) Report No 3 – 2022 National Conference Code of conduct for Lefty Unity National Conference – via Zoom Refer to Standing Orders Committee: either in chat function to Doug Thorpe or email (giving a phone contact number). for advice on standing orders including procedural motions and in case of complaints […] Read more »

Conference Agenda

11:00 Welcome & Reports Standing Orders Committee (SOC) Report National Secretary’s report Wales Secretary Report 11.30 A Motions on strategic priorities 1 Under One Banner: London Left Unity Branch, amendment 1: Wales Left Unity amendment 2: Trade Union Caucus amendment 3: Felicity Dowling, Jim Hollinshead 2. Working with the Rest of the Movement: Liverpool Left […] Read more »

Immigration – Defiance not Compliance

INVASION!! Says Home Secretary Suella Braverman. After the shock of hearing her say this, it should not be a surprise, writes David Landau. Read more »

Housing Crisis, Climate Crisis = Time for Action!

Housing is a basic human need and should be a right. It should not be a commodity. The building industry and poorly insulated housing are major contributors to CO2 emissions and the climate crisis. We must find a way to provide housing for all without endangering the ecology of the planet. Read more »

Left Unity Newsletter #4

The fourth issue of Left Unity’s new printable newsletter is now available. Click below to read or download and print to share at meetings and events. Read more »

Standing Orders Committee Report No 1 – 2022 National Conference

Standing Orders Committee The members of the Standing Orders Committee (SOC) for National Conference 2022 are: Kate Hudson and Craig Lewis Motions The SOC has received 9 policy motions submitted for National Conference. Read more »

COP27- Still Fiddling While the World Burns

COP 27, which will meet from the 6th – 18th November 2022, unfolds against a backdrop of growing climate chaos and ecological degradation. Read more »

Escalate the Strikes! Defy the Anti-union Laws!

Craig Lewis writes: Jeremy Hunt’s trashing of Kwarteng’s ultra-libertarian mini-budget marks the return of orthodox economic neoliberalism, with a programme of austerity designed to placate the financial markets whilst boosting corporate profits. Read more »

Brazil’s election: Left Unity meets the PT

Silvana Harte is a PT (Brazilian Workers’ Party) activist who was based for a while in England. Read more »

Every Strike, Every Time, We’ll be on the Picket Line!

Leeds rallies in support of Rail and Postal strikers Over 500 people joined the Solidarity outside Leeds Railway station in support of the RMT strike action today. Read more »

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Mon 5 Dec 18.00-19.30
End Social Care Disgrace

Campaign for a National Care, Support and Independent Living Service public meeting with Labour MP Margaret Greenwood, Lord Prem Sikka and voices from the front line.


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