Capitalism’s Climate Inferno

Allan Todd writes: More than 100 wildfires are currently raging across 12 western US states in the Pacific Northwest – those affected include Alaska, Arizona and Colorado, as well as Oregon, California and Washington State. Read more »

Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion unite in historic Cardiff ‘Justice Now’ Coalition

Left Unity is very pleased to publish this report from Bianca Ali, a core member of BLM Cardiff&Vale, about the Justice Now demonstration that took place in Cardiff on September 5th. Bianca and other BLM activists will also be helping prepare the No Pasaran conference which will take place in Berlin next March. Read more »

Free Julian Assange

The latest grim chapter of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing has revealed nothing if not that the founder and former head of Wikileaks continues to expose the base reality of Western liberal democracies Read more »

Europe is stained by the ashes of Moria refugee camp

Guy Smallman writes: Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that Europe’s largest refugee camp burnt to the ground overnight. Read more »

Moria is on fire: evacuate refugee camps now!

The European Left’s statement: Fire has destroyed Greece’s largest migrant camp, Read more »

Towards a genuinely Free Press

On Friday 4th September, members of Extinction Rebellion blockaded Murdoch’s printing presses and stopped the distribution of the Sun and other News International newspapers. Read more »

Allende’s Chile: 50 years on – mourning and celebrating

Francisco Domínguez writes: This 4th September marks 50 years since the electoral victory of Salvador Allende in Chile, an event that sent shock waves through the regionally dominated system of US hegemony – bringing panic to the White House. Read more »

Refugees Welcome – Stop the fascist attacks

David Landau writes: Hotels around the country where asylum seekers are being temporarily housed whilst their asylum claims are being assessed by the Home Office, have been targetted by fascist organisations Read more »

XR Rebellion: STOP HS2!

Bob Whitehead writes from Birmingham: The third Extinction Rebellion begins on Tuesday in London, Cardiff and Manchester. There will be separate plans for Scotland. Read more »

Support Art Workers!

Join Transform! europe’s webinar on the plight of cultural workers across Europe during the pandemic. Read more »

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