Left Unity condemns horrific attack

Left Unity condemns the horrific attack in Manchester and sends deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who died and to all those injured and affected by the attack. We pay tribute to the people of Manchester for their dignified and compassionate response. Their determination to stand together as a community, in all […] Read more »

Statement re visas for gay men fleeing persecution in Chechnya.

Left Unity calls for compassion and generosity for the Gay men wishing to flee persecution and abuse in Chechnya. Left Unity is appalled at the apparent decision of the United States government to deny VISAs for roughly forty Gay men wishing to flee the severe and horrific abuse and persecution Gay men are experiencing in […] Read more »

We cannot afford the Conservatives

There is a mad elephant tethered in the room of the Conservative Manifesto, wtites Felicity Dowling. That elephant is the dominance of service and finance industry in the UK, the sector that nearly broke the world economy in 2008. Linked to this dependence on finance and the service industry is the limited size of manufacturing […] Read more »

For a Labour victory and a Tory defeat

Left Unity welcomes the Labour Manifesto. We welcome its vision of a society which works for the many, not the few. It presents a significant advance in a number of areas over previous Labour policy, attempting to reverse key concessions that Labour has made to neo-liberalism over many years – most notably the privatisation agenda […] Read more »

Standing Orders Committee report

Standing Orders Committee Report No. 2   Code of conduct for Lefty Unity National Conference Refer to Standing Orders Committee: for advice on standing orders including procedural motions and in case of complaints for questions relating to order of debate Furthermore, SOC recommends that conference attendees: should respect authority of the chair during session should […] Read more »

Conference motions and reports

Left Unity 2017 Spring Conference Interim List of Motions and Amendments-1 Read more »

Labour moves left

Neil Faulkner writes: Note to self: when it comes to the Labour Party, expect the unexpected. Like everyone else, I was astonished when Corbyn first surged to victory in the Labour leadership election back in September 2015. I must confess to further astonishment at the leaked Labour election manifesto. Few of us are privy to […] Read more »

Hypocrisy vs Reality: May’s announcement on Mental Health Reform

A report from the Mental Health frontline appraises the Conservative Party’s announcements on mental health reform. If you were to believe Tory party statements around NHS mental health care over the past few years you would almost think that standards of mental health care, service user satisfaction and staff morale would be positive and on […] Read more »

French Communists call for left unity

Declaration by Pierre Laurent: French Communists call for left unity to block the road to Macron’s counter-reforms and the Front National This evening, the candidate of the Front National has been soundly beaten. This is a great relief. Sixty five percent of the voters did not want the head of the state to be someone […] Read more »

Elections and polarisation

Susan Pashkoff looks at the politics of recent elections As has been evident from the election results that we have seen in the States, the Presidential elections in France, the Netherlands, and Austria, and the Brexit referendum in Britain we are seeing a polarised electorate which is impacting upon the votes for centre-right and centre-left candidates […] Read more »

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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Saturday 24 June
March for Homes

Join the movement preparing for this demo: private, council, housing association and co-op tenants, unions and housing campaigners

To get involved email or call 07432 098440

Weds 19 – Sun 23 July
European Left Summer University

This year, the European Left/Transform Summer University will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from 19-23 of July. For programme details click here. For registration click here.

Sun 23 – Sat 29 July
International Youth Camp, Otranto, Italy

The Fourth International’s annual youth camp – find out more about socialism, feminism and environmentalism.

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