What Ten-Point ‘Green’ Plan?!

Allan Todd writes: Johnson’s Ten-Point ‘Green’ Plan – only announced last November – has, all too-predictably, already gone up in smoke Read more »

Going for Zero Covid

Allan Todd writes: With UK Covid-19 deaths now having passed the 80,000 mark – the first country in Europe to ‘achieve’ this ‘record-breaking’ position – surely now is the time to book YOUR slot at Zero Covid UK’s 16 January Conference? Read more »

Trump’s failed coup

Andrew Burgin writes: Yesterday was a significant step for the fascist movement in the States. Read more »

Assange Extradition – A vital victory!

Today a UK court has ruled to reject Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States, where the WikiLeaks founder would face espionage charges for publishing secret US military documents. Read more »

Sign the NEU/UNISON petition

Make Schools Safe and Protect Communities We, the undersigned, support the demand that all schools and colleges move immediately to online learning other than for vulnerable children and those of key workers, for a period, from the start of this spring term. This must be done to get virus levels down amongst children and young […] Read more »

Left Unity statement on EU (Future Relationship) Bill

Today the UK parliament voted overwhelmingly in support of Boris Johnson’s Brexit ‘deal’. Britain now enters the latest stage of the four decade-long drive for deregulation, free-marketisation and the privatisation of what remains of Britain’s welfare state. Read more »

Victory for women of Argentina

Left Unity welcomes good news from Argentina: a bill legalising abortion has just been passed. Read more »

Left Unity statement on Brexit

Felicity Dowling writes: Brexit is causing still more uncertainty and still further crises, in an already difficult time for working class communities. Read more »

European Left sends solidarity to new Corbyn Project

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced the launch of a new Peace and Justice Project. Full details of the new initiative will be announced at a Launch Conference on Sunday 17th January, 2021. Read more »

Corbyn’s Peace and Justice Project announced

Today I’m announcing a new project for the New Year. I’m very excited about it, and I hope you will be too. Next month, we’re kicking off the Peace and Justice Project. We’re going to bring people together, for social justice, peace and human rights, in Britain and across the world. I’m telling you about […] Read more »

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