EUROPE ON ALERT! Statement from the Bilbao Forum

The 2nd European Forum of Left, Green and Progressive Forces met in Bilbao from 9-11th November, drawing hundreds from across Europe and beyond, Read more »

US midterms: European left commends progressive advances

On Tuesday 6 November, the people of the United States went to the polls Read more »

We support the TARIS workers!

Seven workers at the TARIS Factory in Izmir (Turkey), which produces olives and olive oil, were dismissed from their jobs for joining the trade union. Read more »

Brazil election: defeat for humanity – victory for Bolsonaro, Trump and US imperialism

Jair Bolsonaro has won Brazil’s Presidential election in the final round, writes Fiona Edwards. Read more »

Neo-fascist Bolsonaro followers attack people throughout Brazil

Bolsonaro’s ultra-right rhetoric has led to political assassinations and violence perpetrated by his followers. Read more »

Trump trashes key nuclear treaty

CND has condemned Donald Trump’s INF Treaty withdrawal announcement, and called for popular action to prevent a return to Cold War nuclear escalation. Read more »

We oppose Brexit and austerity

We oppose Brexit and we oppose austerity, writes Felicity Dowling.We call for greater solidarity across Europe. Instead of Brexit, austerity and racism, we call for Read more »

Join us for the People’s Vote March: make the case for Another Europe

This Saturday – 20th October, 12 noon in Park Lane – hundreds of thousands of people are likely to join one of the biggest marches through London for over a decade. Read more »

Zimbabwe protests as economic crisis worsens

In the last few days, the Zimbabwe police have arrested trade union leaders and scores of activists nationwide ahead of planned marches over the country’s worsening economic crisis, Read more »

The Party of the European Left on the Brazilian elections

On October 7th, Brazil goes to the polls, 186 days after the imprisonment of former president Lula da Silva. The elections are for for President, Vice-President and National Congress and are crucial not only for the country itself but also for the region and the whole world. In a time of advance of the neoliberal […] Read more »

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