Discussion & Debate

We are the socialists. A contribution to the discussions around the war on Ukraine.

Felicity Dowling writes: We are the socialists, far from the only socialists, but in Left Unity, socialism is our starting point. Read more »

Notes on the war in Ukraine

Andrew Burgin writes: 1) We are now well into the third month of the war. In my initial piece on the war written several weeks ago I outlined the origins of the war Read more »

The Tottering Unionist Colossus in Ireland

Joseph Healy writes: Probably the most important election next Thursday in these islands, both historically and politically, is the election for the Northern Ireland Assembly. Read more »

‘Morbid Symptoms’ – Allan Todd reviews Paul Mason’s new book

As well as the ever-worsening Climate Crisis, and the war in Ukraine, many people – and not just those on the left – are increasingly concerned about the international spread of, and links between, the authoritarian populist right, the far right, and outright fascists. Read more »

Russia, Ukraine and imperialism

Andrew Burgin writes: On February 24 the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Left Unity, along with the overwhelming majority of the socialist left, condemned the invasion and called for the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops. Read more »

Belarus – we don’t forget

Oliver Charleston writes*: Since 1994, the post-Soviet state of Belarus has been under the iron thumb of President Alexander Grigorevich Lukashenko, Read more »

Eyewitness: War in Ukraine

War reporter Hugh Barnes writes from Ukraine: Ukraine lies at the heart of Europe in terms of geography, history and culture, but it is also a post-Soviet state with long-standing ties to Russia. Read more »

The US Empire, NATO and Ukraine

Allan Todd writes: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has justly been condemned by most people. Despite having a strongly neoliberal pro-West government, it is a sovereign country and has the right to be independent. Read more »

Diary of a pandemic shop steward

Joseph Healy writes: When I last wrote this diary account it was in the autumn of 2020. It later became known to me that despite my concerns about our workplace not being Covid secure, management planned to start bringing staff back to the office in September 2020 but events intervened. Later that autumn the Alpha […] Read more »

SOS NHS! Building for the Day of Action

Nick Jones reports: I was invited to attend a 25-strong Unite Community branch meeting in Leeds this week, to talk about the SOS NHS campaign’s planned Day of Action on 26th February. Read more »

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