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A case for Left Primaries?

We need to defeat the Conservatives and build an alternative to the pro-austerity pro-war Labour Party. Rob Kaye presents below a possible way to maximise Read more »

‘Optimism of the Will’: ecosocialist dreamin’

Allan Todd writes: ‘In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations’ Read more »

…We are all Palestinians. Building a new global movement.

1. The long struggle of the Palestinian people for their national rights and sovereignty and Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza has generated a new global movement Read more »

Greetings to the Transform conference this weekend

Felicity Dowling writes: Left Unity is proud to play its part in the huge protests (and in the vital discussions) against the war on Gaza and the unspeakable crimes and cruelty it has unleashed. Read more »

Left Unity trade union caucus hosts public meeting

Meet Stuart Irving from the grassroots National Supply Teachers Network at our online public meeting: 7pm on Wednesday 27th September Read more »

Capitalism kills: Time to #TransformPolitics!

Allan Todd writes:  Karl Marx – way back in the second half of the 19th. C. – was one of the first to show, systematically, how capitalism kills. More recently, it has become increasingly clear to an ever-greater number of people that Marx was absolutely spot-on. This is particularly true of his conclusion that capitalism creates […] Read more »

Building a Mass Workers Party

Left Unity Principal Speaker, Felicity Dowling was invited to speak at a recent event called Building a Mass Workers Party, organised by the Campaign for a New Mass Workers Party. This was her speech. Read more »

There’s ‘disruption’… and then there’s climate disruption

 To misquote Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner:   “Water, water, every where,   Nor any… orange confetti to see!”  Read more »

Here, There and Everywhere

Allan Todd writes:  No, not a nostagia-trip back to The Beatles and the 1960s – but a call for INTERNATIONAL ‘Full-spectrum Climate Resistance’!  Read more »

Che Guevara: icon of international revolution

This is an extract from the introduction of Allan Todd’s latest book Che Guevara, The Romantic Revolutionary. Read more »

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Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Just Stop Oil – Slow Marches

Slow marches are still legal (so LOW RISK of arrest), and are extremely effective. The plan is to keep up the pressure on this ecocidal government to stop all new fossil fuel licences.

Sign up to slow march

Saturday 18th May: Nakba 76 national march for Palestine

National demonstration.

Nakba 76: End the Genocide! Stop Arming Israel: Assemble 12 noon BBC, Central London

Full details here

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