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A clear message for new PM Sunak: ‘Chaos costs lives’

By Allan Todd. On the afternoon of Monday 24 October – just as it became clear that Rishi Sunak was to be the latest incumbent in this on-going and constantly-changing succession of Tory PMs – I was one of over 30 Greenpeace activists who occupied Parliament. The purpose of this protest was to send a […] Read more »

Right to Treatment

Ivola Dombay writes: When I was growing up, we had regular dental check ups and saw GPs as needed. Read more »

Birmingham Enough is Enough Rally: 23rd September

Bob Whitehead reports: Registration for yesterday’s event closed early, so a capacity crowd of 1000 packed the hall in Digbeth. Read more »

Solidarity with all protesting the imposition of an unelected King

From Scotland’s Radical Independence Campaign: RIC expresses its solidarity with all those protesting the imposition of an unelected King. Read more »

No one must go hungry

Felicity Dowling writes: All our children must have access to good food, at school as well as at home. Read more »

Solidarity for Cuba

On Friday afternoon, August 5th, lightning struck one of the largest fuel depots in Cuba, the Supertanqueros de Matanzas base, leaving a trail of victims, in a human and environmental disaster. Read more »

We are the socialists. A contribution to the discussions around the war on Ukraine.

Felicity Dowling writes: We are the socialists, far from the only socialists, but in Left Unity, socialism is our starting point. Read more »

Notes on the war in Ukraine

Andrew Burgin writes: 1) We are now well into the third month of the war. In my initial piece on the war written several weeks ago I outlined the origins of the war Read more »

The Tottering Unionist Colossus in Ireland

Joseph Healy writes: Probably the most important election next Thursday in these islands, both historically and politically, is the election for the Northern Ireland Assembly. Read more »

‘Morbid Symptoms’ – Allan Todd reviews Paul Mason’s new book

As well as the ever-worsening Climate Crisis, and the war in Ukraine, many people – and not just those on the left – are increasingly concerned about the international spread of, and links between, the authoritarian populist right, the far right, and outright fascists. Read more »

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