Reject this Rotten Pay Offer

The leadership of the National Education Union (NEU) have rightly advised teachers in state schools to reject the Government pay offer. It is important that we urge teachers to reject this offer.The NEU states that the pay offer is not fully funded. This means that schools will have to pay teachers out of their school […] Read more »

Left Unity and Breakthrough Party joint statement supporting The Big One

Left Unity and Breakthrough Party are pleased to support Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’ — a mass protest in London beginning on Friday 21 April. Extinction Rebellion’s plan is for at least 100,000 people to arrive outside Parliament on 21 April – and/or on the following three days – for a “multi-day show of strength […] Read more »

Gary Lineker, Refugees & The Climate Crisis

First off: Gary Lineker was absolutely right to say what he did Read more »

2023 internal election results

Thank you for all the nominations for Left Unity’s internal elections. We can now announce the National Council and Officers for 2023/24. Please see the updated National Council and Committees page. Results of the ballot can be seen here. Read more »

SYRIZA-PA Labour Department resolution on the French workers’ struggle

The SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance labour department has issued a statement on the struggle of French people. Read more »

‘The Big One’: “Unite To Survive!”

Climate and ecological disasters are raging – while the ‘Cost of Living’, energy and social justice crises are worsening. At the same time – and closely connected to all these crises – fossil fuel companies continue to post record profits. They are aided and abetted by this corrupt Tory government – which gives them massive […] Read more »

Left Unity Elections: nominee statements

Name: Francis Fish Post: Principal Speaker Nominated by: Felicity Dowling, Jim Hollinshead Statement: We are potentially on the cusp of becoming a large party that has a lot of social weight if we can find our audience. For example, there was an article in The Independent saying that 60% of the population want an alternative […] Read more »

A Left Unity Budget for Children 2023

If there were a socialist government producing the March budget,  rather than this cruel government for the rich, this is what we would want in that budget, for all our children.  Read more »

Left Unity Elections: call for nominations

This is the time of year that we invite all members to stand for election to one of our posts or committees. We have lots of new members and this invitation is for you too! The entire process takes place online, including the voting. Read more »

Patriotic Alternative. Fight the Fascists

We are witnessing a frightening new upsurge in fascist activity in the recent period – declaring itself in Telford with a series of mobilisations by Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon) and now, taking a further violent turn in Merseyside, spearheaded by a fascist outfit called Patriotic Alternative with other events planned in Newquay […] Read more »

Left Unity Newsletter #7

The seventh issue of Left Unity’s new printable newsletter is now available. Click below to read or download and print to share at meetings and events. Read more »

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Discussion & Debate

Government to force the sick and aged back into work

Ian Hodson writes: Doctors are to be instructed by Government to stop signing people off sick from the workplace. In a new move to get people into the workplace it’s expected that Jeremy Hunt will announce measures that will include returning those who have taken early retirement Read more »

‘Anti-Wokery’ – Reasons to be Fearful

Is it possible for people to laugh themselves – unwittingly and by degrees – into fascism? Read more »

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Local reports

A Fair Trial?

On Saturday (26 Feb), Red Rebels from XR North Lakes processed through Keswick (Cumbria) to raise awareness of the ever-worsening Climate and Ecological Crises. Read more »

Review: ‘Finite: The Climate of Change’

With the world already looking to ‘warm’ beyond 1.5C – and probably reaching 2.7C of heating by the end of this century – younger people in particular are increasingly looking for ways to stop this climate madness before it is, quite literally, too late. Which is why, if you only see one film this year, […] Read more »

SOS NHS Leeds Day of Action

On Saturday 28 January, Leeds marched for the NHS. Many of our members joined with Left Unity NHS EMERGENCY placards. BBC Look North covered the rally. Read more »

March with Midwives Leeds

Around 70 protestors joined the Leeds March with Midwives event outside the Town Hall Sunday afternoon. Many midwives, student midwives were there to sound the alarm about the chronic staff shortages and extremely difficult working conditions that midwives were facing due to years of underinvestment and NHS cuts. The Royal College of Midwives reported that […] Read more »

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