We want a decent future, not a ‘desolate North’

Left Unity supports Sunday’s national demonstration by the TUC in Manchester.

Ahead of the protest, Felicity Dowling of Left Unity said:

“The North proclaims long and strongly that austerity is a lie. We want a decent future, not a ‘desolate North’.

“Trade unionism was born here – we will oppose the anti-union bill to defend our rights as workers. In memory of the lasses and lads of the mills, and the children who died there, we will defend our right to strike.

“We will stand with the families struggling to keep their kids from poverty as the Conservatives cut the tax credits.

“We send solidarity to Redcar and the fight for industry in Britain.

“The Lancashire Nanas will lead us in our defence of the very structure of our land from the Conservatives’ fracking policy, and we are proud to march with those who have ‘Walked the Breadline’ from Tredegar to Manchester.”

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