Videos of ‘Doing Politics Differently’ meeting

Here you can see the recording of the London leg of the “Podemos, Syriza, Left Unity: Doing politics differently” tour.

Eduardo Maura (Podemos)
part 1

part 2

Tariq Ali (writer and broadcaster)
part 1

part 2

Marina Prentoulis (Syriza)
part 1

part 2

Ken Loach (film director)
part 1

part 2

Kate Hudson (national secretary, Left Unity)

Click here for more video on Youtube, including the Q&A.


22 responses to “Videos of ‘Doing Politics Differently’ meeting”

  1. Steve Parry says:

    Unable to make the event at the last minute but with you all in spirit and watching on the live feed.

  2. Bruce Whitehead says:

    Great speech by Tariq Ali, rightly condemning Labour’s lacklustre frontbench failure to support striking NHS workers

  3. Bruce Whitehead says:

    Inspiring ideas from Ken Loach about linking together with the groups campaigning against cuts, homelessness, poverty; “the best of us” he said, and “my god, we can win!”

  4. John Pearson says:

    I found what I was able to view very interesting but next time we use this technology please can we include on the website some instructions on how to escape the repeated interruptions by the adverts for ASDA roast beef.

  5. chris mcbride says:

    Gt, when you can’t make it to a mtg!!.

  6. Bruce Whitehead says:

    Kate Hudson: “we have to do politics differently”

  7. John Rothery says:

    Watching from NZ. The same issues, just different accents.

  8. John Tummon says:

    You have to pay a sub to wvoid the Upstream adverts.

  9. katherine says:

    Please post this online soon. Some of us are in different time zones and very much want to have access to these absolutely essential discussions!
    Many thanks!

  10. Looking forward to the you tube video

  11. Sam says:

    I was unvailable to watch the stream, but would love to see this. Will it be made available on line at any point?

  12. Great to watch this in Cornwall, has inspired me to goto the relaunch of the Plymouth branch next Monday!

  13. Patrick Black says:

    I have just watched the clips and it was excellent event which unfortunately I couldnt make.

    I thought all the contributions were engaging, vital,moving (especially Marina of Syriza about moving beyond and getting over futile old Left sectarianism which is so damaging and divisive), inspiring and powerful giving HOPE.

    I attended the LU Podemos event in Leeds which was very good and attracted over 100 people.

    Thank you to all those who thought of and organised this very necessary tour.

    It is crucial we do things differently and are DEMOCRATIC, transparent, tolerant and accountable AND learn to create new forms of participatory democracy

    We need to take on the Condems and start unmasking our so called democratic systems and provide a radical critique.

    It is vital we further develop the democratic structures within Left Unity and start to think about talking about POPULAR DEMOCRACY,new forms of CREDIBLE POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY, People’s referenda, democratic accountability,democratic recall of our so called political representatives from Prime Ministers, ministers,MP’s,MEP’s, councillors, Mayors,commissioners,to Ceo’s in charge of banks, councils,the NHS, Judges, Lords ETC.

    We need to define and demand a People’s Bill of rights decided by the People,Workers bill of rights decided by Workers,a Human rights bill, a written People’s Constitution, abolition of the House of Lords, radical reform of the House of Commons for now(and develop ideas for a the creation of a new popular democratic structure) and local government and discuss how we deal with the Monarchy. We need to help create a popular mass democracy movement !

  14. Roy Wall says:

    Unlike Left Unity, Syriza and Podemos take the question of Europe seriously. Tariq said that we must debate Europe, but he gave no lead. LU noticeably avoids the question of Europe even failing to have a policy commission on the subject.

    We must raise the slogan of a United States of Europe, and demand democratic accountability of the Troika. We must come out in favour of European integration and thus change the anarchistic, boycottist position that LU effectively puts forward by its silence on the question of Europe.

  15. Roy Wall says:

    My apologies, LU is NOT silent on Europe as I claim above, it puts forward the “maxiamalist” slogan of a Socialist Europe whilst effectively ignoring the question of Europe in the here-and-now.

  16. Bazza says:

    I couldn’t unfortunately hear the Podemos speaker.
    I usually like what Tariq Ali has to say but on this occasion didn’t agree with him on everything.
    The Syriza speaker was excellent!
    I think if we are honest that there can be a kind of ‘Group Think’ on the Left and we may do working people no service with this; can we at times be more concerned about being accepted on the left rather than contributing as independent critical thinkers? (Rosa Luxemburg argued for this many years ago). Again if we are honest there can also be a lot of self-actualising on the left (we are generally very caring people so this is natural) and fighting for the oppressed can make you feel good but we need to be really serious about real change and ending that oppression – we know what we are against but what are we for? Then let’s focus on building this WITH working people and also think internationally.
    I am part of the small Left in the Labour Party, The Labour Representation Committee (LRC) and I would describe myself as an independent working class democratic socialist (I am not part of any other group). I did go to quite a few LU meetings before the official launch and was for a while interested but decided my priority was to take on (along with others) the difficult challenge of trying to democratically turn Timid Labour into Progressive Labour – I feel Labour is where the majority of the working class/working people are, and most importantly it is where most of the trade unions are.
    Of course your challenge is to offer a radical progressive alternative whilst countering potential sectarianism which I must say you seem to be doing to date. I also think the ideas of Paulo Freire on critical adult education and grassroots empowerment can greatly inform all of the Left’s work but perhaps we still face the same challenges as identified by Rosa Luxemburg before the outbreak of WW1 -the strength of Nationalism v Internationalism although it could be argued Nationalism isn’t as strong now whilst still being a powerful force reinforced by the media etc. but of course capital is now like Neo-Liberalism internationalised.
    I have just put a post on the LRC website Blog entitled ‘Working Class, Labour, and Being a Democratic Socialist’ which tries to offer in a small way some ideas (from my democratic socialist perspective) on possible ways forward which could offer some food for thought.
    With best wishes, Yours Fraternally.

  17. Zarina Bhatia says:

    Listening and watching Tariq Ali Part 1. Very inspiring about Scotland. Have always admired his outspoken views and speech. Well done!

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