Urgent solidarity for Beirut needed

The European Left Party has shared this appeal from the Communist Party of Lebanon: The explosion which occurred yesterday Tuesday 4th in Beirut’s main Port had catastrophic effects, not only in the Capital, but across all Lebanon’s territory. According to some experts, the explosive force of this incident was similar to a small nuclear bomb; that is equivalent to 1000 tons of highly explosive materials. The blast force of the explosion reached a distance of tens of kilometres, and the sound of the explosion was heard in all parts of Lebanon, and partially in Syria and Cyprus.

The death toll is still preliminary; with tens of Martyrs up until writing this statement. Along with thousands of wounded people. The homes of about one million citizens were damaged, as their doors were removed, their windows were broken, and their furniture blew out, while thousands of homes in the area near the port were completely demolished and rendered uninhabitable.

Beirut now lives under a national catastrophe. Beirut port is completely leveled to the ground with complete halt of any imports to the country.  This national tragedy is complemented by an economic collapse and a deep financial crisis, as the Lebanese lost their purchasing power, their currency collapsed, and their public and private money was looted. The recovery process will be difficult and will require time, and effort from people and entities- whether people residing in Lebanon or abroad.

Therefore, we address our appeal to friendly institutions, organizations and bodies around the world, and to Lebanese expatriates and all those eager and loving, and we ask them urgently and exceptionally to collect financial and in-kind donations, and contact us to coordinate around them, as this is the task of social solidarity and human solidarity that is required today.

Contributions of any kind and nature are required now in order to provide assistance for the restoration of homes, centers, institutions, and to provide food and medicine. In addition, medical supplies are highly needed given the high number of wounded people.

This is a call of humanitarian duty. For the sake of Beirut, for the sake of people who died or injured. For the sake of people who are now homeless, for the sake of Lebanon, we need your help and support.

Donate at this link

For more information please visit: http://www.splibanais.net/

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