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Tony Mears

First of all I would like to say that I am a socialist, trade unionist , Marxist ,international trade unionist and committed to the resurgence and future of the movement . To meet these goals I believe that left unity is the platform for this resurgence and left wing politics in general in this country .I am a working class trade unionist and member as was my father and his father. All of us were avid Labour members and supporters till the music died comrades. I have a lengthy trade union cv stretching over thirty years. I have studied trade unionism at degree level and industrial relations . I am a product of trade union education and the TUC courses . I have attended 50 trade union courses over the years and have been trained in every branch officer role within the branch and been a member of three trade unions. I am not afraid to speak bluntly about issues but only have the best interests of the union at heart . I still believe that the movement is the only pressure group that can achieve results but the fear factors must be removed ,they can’t jail 6million of us comrades .Radical actions are our only hope the way the Tories have attacked the working class and the trade union movement . I believe I can make a difference with my experience in work and as an activist at branch ,regional, and national level ,where I have sat on committees ,chaired committees been a member of many many committees and groups . I have attended national conferences , been sports officer for unison West Midlands and labour link officer . I am a trade unionist and political activist through and through , give me a chance comrades solidarity as always.

Oliver New

I have been ‘job-sharing’ the Trade Union Officer role. My team-mate Tim resigned, so I am currently still in post and now standing to seek a mandate. This shouldn’t deter anyone else standing who wants to do so.

Trade Unionists have experienced many years of attacks on pay, job security and working arrangements. Austerity has been combined with political attack from the bosses, all Governments, the main political parties, mass media and the courts. Despite the despondency and the demoralisation of many union leaders and ordinary members, the unions still retain massive support. Last year UK workers had twice as many days on strike as the year before.

Union struggles are becoming increasing linked with community and political campaigns. Left Unity policies on nationalisation and support for proper public services, against the anti-union laws, against poverty pay and casualisation of work will be attractive to many workers and trade unionists.

We should increase local and national solidarity leaflets and online reports. We also need to encourage our members to be involved in unions, including Unite Community and in Trades Councils.

Although most union members and workers are understandably desperate to see the defeat of the current Government, we need to continue to highlight the relationship between Labour and big business, the consequent incapability of Labour to support workers’ struggles and the need to build a left alternative.

Our trade union activists within Left Unity have come through a range of experiences and sometimes favour differing tactics. Discussion and sharing of experiences is useful, although unlike some sectarian left groups, we should not pretend to be the arbiter of universally correct tactics. Our branches must be welcoming places where various union and community activists and ordinary members can find support and comradeship. Branches should also engage in campaigns against low pay, for the living wage and for an end to casualisation of labour.

Through steadily earning respect over the next few years, LU can potentially win support from large numbers of activists, rooted in their communities as well as their trade unions.

I come from South Wales and now live in Southall, West London, where I have been at the heart of many community campaigns. For the last two years the main issue has been defence of local hospitals and the NHS. I’m proud to chair Ealing Trades Council, with its history of militant community organising.

After being blacklisted in engineering I became a Tube Driver and RMT activist. I’ve helped organise many disputes and strikes on London Underground as well as supporting the self organisation and struggles of cleaners and other contracted workers. I have been a Rep and both Chair and Secretary of the RMT London Transport Region and a member of the national RMT Executive.

I am not in a tendency or any other party.

Thanks for reading this, I’d be grateful for your support

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