Solidarity with the Muslim community

Joseph Healy principal speaker for Left Unity on the terrorist attack in Finsbury Park

“The attack today in London on  members of the Muslim community in Finsbury Park is appalling and is a direct result of the Islamophobia being peddled every day by not only the far Right but also the gutter press. A spokesman for the Muslim community today contrasted the criticisms and police action against Salafist hate preachers and the lack of action against those on the Far Right who peddle the same message of hate. How ironic that at the weekend members of the same mosque in Finsbury Park had taken part in prayers for Jo Cox, the MP murdered last year by the same Far Right extremists.

The recent rise in hate crime against Muslims, exacerbated by the ISIL inspired terror attacks in Manchester and London, must be resisted at all levels of society. We call for the solidarity of all Londoners and all throughout the country against those preaching Islamophobia and we stand four square behind the Muslim community in this country.”

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