Response to Labour minimum wage plan


Left Unity says Labour’s plan to link the minimum wage to earnings is not enough, and is calling for the minimum wage to rise to a living wage.

Bianca Todd of Left Unity said:

Any rise in the minimum wage is welcome, but we need to go further and make sure everyone has a living wage.

That means linking the level of the minimum wage to the cost of living, making sure it is enough for a decent life. And being able to live shouldn’t just be a ‘reward for work’ – benefits should be set at a living level as well.”

The current living wage, as set by the Living Wage Foundation, is £7.65 an hour or £8.80 an hour in London. Left Unity voted to call for the living wage at its recent policy conference.

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Notes to editors

1. Left Unity is the new party of the left in Britain. Founded in November 2013, it already has over 1,900 members and 50 branches across the country.

2. The new party is standing its first candidates in the May 2014 local elections, in Wigan, Norwich, Bolton, Exeter and Barnet in north London.


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  1. steve says:

    it must be a couple of years since a Unison delegate conference passed a resolution denouncing the “Living Wage” as poverty pay:
    was it the Voluntary Sector conference?
    in Liverpool?
    I don’t keep the unison magazines

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