Response to Labour ‘infiltration’ reports

Responding to newspaper accusations that Labour has been ‘infilitrated’ by the left, Salman Shaheen of Left Unity said:

“Right wing Labour MPs are saying Labour has been ‘infiltrated’. In a week when the majority of Labour MPs abstained on the brutal cuts in the welfare bill, who are the real infiltrators?

“Is it the people who are signing up to vote in the hope of turning Labour back to its roots? Or is it the MPs who, when they are asked whether the poor should be made to pay, failed to vote against it?

“The MPs who abstained on the welfare bill betrayed everyone Labour is supposed to stand up for.

“Left Unity supports the left wing policies Jeremy Corbyn stands for but hasn’t encouraged its members to sign up and vote. If you are looking for an infiltrator, take a look at Liz Kendall: a Tory in disguise.”

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