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These thick, A2-size posters have some of Left Unity’s key campaign demands on them. They are designed to work well when placed next to each other, forming a red, green and black pattern.


There are currently six posters available:

‘Tax the rich, save the welfare state’ (red). See PDF.
‘Clamp down on corporate tax evasion’ (green). See PDF.
‘Raise the minimum wage to £10 an hour’ (black). See PDF.
‘No more evictions, housing is a right’ (red). See PDF.
‘Our NHS is not for sale’ (green). See PDF.
‘Don’t blame immigration, blame the bankers’ (black). See PDF.

Order printed copies:
Materials are free, but we ask for a donation to cover postage (suggested donation is £2 for smaller orders and £4 for larger ones). Please email with your order and mailing address.

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