Portugal’s revolutionary anthem lives today

Portugese revolution, 1974

Portugese revolution, 1974

At a massive rally in Lisbon today, the crowd sang Grandola, Vila Morena, the anthem of the country’s carnation revolution in the 1970s which overthrew the fascist regime. Grandola, Vila Morena tells of the solidarity amongst the people of Grandola, and was played at a concert in Lisbon on the 24 March 1974 by José Afonso. The audience joined in enthusiastically, uniting the crowd as one. For this reason, on 25 April 1974, at 12:20 the song was broadcast on Portuguese radio as a signal to start the revolution. It has come to symbolise the revolution and the beginning of democracy in Portugal.



On 16 February 2013, the Portuguese prime minister was interrupted as he spoke in parliament, by protestors singing this song from the public gallery, to show their opposition to the government’s social and economic policies.

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