The National Council leads and manages organisational and financial issues between national conferences. It meets at least four times a year and is made up of:

  • Four nationally elected principal speakers
  • Six nationally elected office holders
  • Fifteen nationally elected council members
  • Forty regional representatives, assigned proportionally
  • One representative from each of the caucuses

Minutes of National Council meetings can be found here.
Minutes of the Executive Committee, which is elected from the National Council, can be found here.

National Council members 2016

National Secretary: Kate Hudson

Principal Speakers Felicity Dowling Sharon Mc Court , Steve Hall and Joseph Healy

Media Officer: Bianca Todd

Trade Union Officer: Oliver New

Treasurer: Alice Kilroy

Membership and Communication officer: Andrew Burgin

Nationally elected members

Len Arthur, Ann Bennett, Anna Bluston, Siobhan Dauncey, Richard Farnos, Graham Gifford Louise Harrison, Fred Leplat, Pete McLaren, Julie Morrow, Susan Pashkoff, Doug Thorpe Alison Treacher, Eve Turner and Bob Williams-Findlay

Regional and national places


Jon Duveen and Eva Nanopoulas


Chris Hurley, Matthew Hurry, Stuart King, Alan Thornett and Annie Tunnicliffe

North West Region

Janet Gifford, John Pearson and Martin Ralph

South East region

Ed Huxley and Andy Richards were elected

West Midlands region

Darren McCourt

Yorkshire and Humberside region

Nick Jones,  Kath Owen and Marc Renwick


Steve Ogden, Pip Tindall, Dianne Scott-Fowler

Constitutional Commission

Kate Hudson, John Pearson, Ali Treacher, Ashley Walker, Bob Whitehead

Standing Orders Committee

Robert Arnott, Jim Hollinshead, Ruvi Simmons, Roland Rance


National Council and committee members are elected annually by all-member ballot. For more information email

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

About Left Unity   Read our manifesto


Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Wed 22 March, 18.30
Meet the European Left Party in Manchester

Presented by Left Unity with speakers Heinz Bierbaum, Waltraud Fritz and Stephen Hall. An opportunity to build a radical left movement across Europe.

6.30 – 9pm at Home, 2 Tony Wilson Place, First Street, M15 4FM.

Thurs 23 March, 18.30
Meet the European Left Party in Leeds

Presented by Left Unity with speakers Heinz Bierbaum and Waltraud Fritz. An opportunity to build a radical left movement across Europe.

6.30-9pm at The Tetley, Hunslet Rd, LS10 1JQ

Sat 1 April, 11.00
Leeds March for the NHS

Marching to oppose cuts and to reject the STP’s, calling for an yearly 4% increase in funding, to end privatisation and ensure that good quality free health care is provided for all.

See Facebook.

17-24 June
Stop Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain

Oppose Trump’s visit. He is a racist and a misogynist and a supporter of torture and a preacher of hate. Event by Public Reading Rooms.

See Facebook for more.

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Placard and broadsheet: Stop Trump

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