The National Council leads and manages organisational and financial issues between national conferences. It meets at least four times a year and is made up of:

  • Four nationally elected principal speakers
  • Six nationally elected office holders
  • Fifteen nationally elected council members
  • One representative from each recognised branch
  • One representative from each of the caucuses

Minutes of National Council meetings can be found here.
Minutes of the Executive Committee, which is elected from the National Council, can be found here.

National Council members 2020/21

National Secretary: Felicity Dowling

Principal Speakers: Sharon McCourt and Nick Jones

Campaigns Officer: Andrew Burgin and Len Arthur (job share)

Membership and Communications Officer: Barbara Segal and Richard Farnos (job share)

Media Officer: Andrew Burgin

Treasurer: Kate Hudson

Trade Union Officer: Ann Bennett

Nominating Officer: Kate Hudson

Nationally elected members

David Landau, Doug Thorpe, Pete McLaren, Bob Williams Findlay, Bob Whitehead and Sandra Daniels (job share), Pamela Stevens and Jim Hollinshead


National Council and committee members are elected annually by all-member ballot. For more information email

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