Martin McGuinness

Joseph Healy writes

Left Unity mourns the loss of the Irish republican leader Martin McGuinness and we convey our condolences to his family and to his colleagues in Sinn Fein and the nationalist community in northern Ireland.

He dedicated his life to ending the colonial status of northern Ireland and the brutality of British rule, to ending the appalling discrimination on which it was based, and to achieving equality for all people in a free, united Ireland.

He played a huge role in assisting the peace process and became one of the leading figures attempting to build bridges between the two communities in northern Ireland. The success of that process owes much to his courage and determination.

Martin always believed in the ultimate aim of achieving a united Ireland and recent political events in both northern Ireland and the UK suggest that this aim may finally be in sight. When it is achieved, Martin McGuinness will be recognised as one of those who laid the foundation stone.

Joseph Healy

Principal Speaker



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