Liverpool Left Unity report


Liverpool meeting

Liverpool meeting

On Friday 29 people met in Liverpool for the first meeting of Left Unity

It was largely a word of mouth meeting with no leaflets or mailing list so
the organisers were both pleases and surprised. It had started off just as
a meeting of three people to discuss geographical divisions in the
Merseyside/ Cheshire areas

It was a mixture of older and younger, experienced and new activists.
People wanted to know more about the project.

There was huge anger and energy from bedroom tax activists. The bedroom
tax is a terrible attack from the Tories but it is encountering serious
grass roots resistance. The meeting though stressed the need for a
political response, from working class people, and in the interests of our
class. A political response meaning putting over ideas not just elections.

We are sending Rachel Boothroyd and Laura Crockett, who organised the
meeting, to the May 11th event. We agreed to have a central meeting
rotating with local area meetings at first.

We stressed the need to work with local anti-cuts campaigns, not to set up
alternatives, thereby breaking up the unity in those organisations. We
stressed need for open democratic debate, for recognition of women’s'
rights, for an anti-racist and internationalist approach, for respect for
the rights of people with disabilities. We will meet again after the 11th
to get a report back and plan for action. Oh and we didn't like the cuts
in Liverpool from the Labour Council making those cuts.

I think everyone enjoyed the meeting and were heartened by it




8 responses to “Liverpool Left Unity report”

  1. Harry Watts says:

    Well done on the meeting, would have been with you but didn’t know about it, I live in the L32 area. I do understand it was only word of mouth. (May be at the next meeting) its good to know it’s happening in Liverpool, And I think LU is going to be very big. It seems to be heading in the right direction, For me. I’m telling everyone I know about LU and asking them to check out the website, Once again, well done and keep up the good work.
    Harry Watts.

  2. Sam Smith says:

    I’d be very interested in attending another meeting in Liverpool if one was to be organised.

  3. Kevin Donovan says:

    And here in Birkenhead we would like to keep in touch with you! We have our first public meeting next week (16th) with a showing of ‘The Spirit of 45’ and no doubt one strand of discussion will be whether we can sustain a Birkenhead group or if it should be ‘Wirral’ or ‘Greater Liverpool’. You are all welcome, of course, to join us next week.
    More details via

  4. Anya-Nicola Darr says:

    How good to see people form all over the country getting active especially those new to the process. Greetigns from Exeter LU.x

  5. Sarah says:

    Can someone please confirm that those of us who have emailed the contacts listed on left unity website (berni and rachel) to say they’d like to be involved will be notified about future meetings?

  6. Alan Gibbons says:

    I will be along the first time I am actually in Liverpool! On June 5th I am in Dublin unfortunately. See you soon. Good luck with everything.

  7. Les Teeling says:

    Felicity when we spoke at the meeting at the Black-e a couple of weeks ago you mentioned the possibility of bringing Ken,s Film Spirit of 45 to St.Helens i understand you are very busy if you could look into it for the meeting on Wed 3rd 13 i would be grateful Les Teeling

  8. Les Teeling says:

    Anyone got any Left Unity leaflets i could get hold of by Thursday i would like to get around the Schools in St.Helens to try and spread the word

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