To : Branches and members

From : Standing Orders Committee

 *Summer Conference, 24/25 June 2017 – Standing Orders Committee report no. 1*

 Please visit Left Unity’s web site to read the Standing Orders Committee’s report on motions and reports received for our Spring Conference here.

The report of the Constitution Committee which is referred to at Part 2, Item 1 of the SOC’s report will also be found there. This comprises a spreadsheet, setting out the recommendations of the Constitution Committee on all constitutional amendments which were not reached at the 2014 and 2015 Annual Conferences of the Party and further proposals from branches which were submitted both prior to and since the 2016 Annual Conference.

To illustrate the effect of those amendments which are recommended for acceptance by the Constitution Committee, it has also produced an illustrative marked up version of the Constitution which is available here.

*Questions on Standing Orders Committee report*

If you have any questions about the report please address these to Standing Orders Committee (SOC) at email:

*Questions on Constitution Committee report*

If you have any questions which are specifically about the Constitution Committee’s report, please address these to that committee at email:


Amendments to any of the items in the SOC’s report may be proposed by the National Council, by regional and national Scottish/Welsh committees, or by branches. Individual members of LU may propose amendments, so long as they are seconded. Caucuses and sections may submit one amendment. Any proposals for amendments must be received by the SOC at email: *no later than Friday, 5 May 2017.*


The SOC requests proposers of any overlapping motions or motions on related subjects, to consider entering into discussions with relevant other proposers with a view to producing composite motions. If you are interested in discussing compositing please inform the SOC, which will put you in touch with the other relevant parties. The SOC may take proactive steps to promote compositing in some cases.

*Priorities ballot*

Clause 20 (a) of the Constitution requires the SOC to ballot branches on the prioritisation of motions within the final agenda of Conference. The SOC therefore requests branches to give consideration to this matter and to inform us (by free format email to: of the Part number and Item number (within the preliminary agenda now sent to you) and the titles, of up to but not exceeding, 5 items which you want to be given priority positioning within the Conference agenda. *This information must be received by the SOC no later than the amendments submission deadline of 5th May 2017*

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