Left Unity Founding Conference – report from Micheline Mason

ludemocracyA report from the founding conference of our new party, Left Unity, by Micheline Mason

Just look at the energy in this photograph of our Founding Conference. I came away feeling something momentous had happened and very pleased to have been part of it. Maybe the world won’t realise just how important a move we took to reclaim our power and hope at such a difficult time in history. Maybe it will take another ten years of hard work before they do, but at least we have launched the boat and are sailing away together.

I love the intelligence and goodwill of working people when we put aside our petty differences and decide to act. When we decide to act there really is nothing to stop us succeeding because we are the people who make society work, including creating all the wealth which then gets stolen from us.

Starting with the Safe Spaces Policy set the tone for the day, and the Party, I hope. A recognition that we come to the struggle with much to learn about how to make local groups and national meetings places where everyone is encouraged to contribute; no one is intimidated or made to feel stupid, and where abuse will be stopped by LU itself, not left to the victim alone. That was brilliant.

I am particularly pleased about the vote for 50 % or more representation of women on all elected bodies. This will make sure the culture of Left Unity is different to anything which has gone before.

Also the drawing in of my fellow disabled people into the heart of the Party – that is new. We are such a rich resource for any group wishing to ‘get real’ about how things need to change in order to become inclusive in practice, not merely in theory, although this will take time to learn.

I was delighted with the vote to separate the Aims of LU from the Platforms, and to put only the Aims in our Constitution whilst leaving the Platform Debates alive and open for anyone interested in them.

The day was really hard work and I think we all had brain ache by the end, and of course we ran out of time to discuss our campaigning priorities. Something tells me however that there is such a lot of initiative within LU members that this is hardly going to stop people using the foundation we created yesterday to motivate many thousands more people to join us. Thank you so much to all the workers who made this happen. I am thrilled to be part of it all.

Wandsworth Left Unity


10 responses to “Left Unity Founding Conference – report from Micheline Mason”

  1. Bianca Todd says:

    It truly was a fantastic day… A moment in history.
    The beginning of a journey to ensure that we have proper representation, pro-active campaigns
    #LeftUnity #family #friends #comrades

  2. Robert Brenchley says:

    It was exhausting, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

  3. Stuart says:

    Agreed Micheline – brilliant day. Great to be a part of it. Onwards!

  4. Robo says:

    Although an early member of the Left Unity project, I could not attend this historic conference. I was pleased and impressed that a live feed was set up, so people like me could watch proceedings. And there’s significance in that: how many other parties, especially on the Left, allow such openness? This candidness bodes well for the future and party health. I applaud all those comrades who attended this conference and was impressed with the level of debate.
    By the way, I’ve unsuccessfully tried to find a Gloucestershire Left Unity branch/group – does anyone know of one or can advise? The contact name on this site for Gloucestershire is unresponsive to my contact.

  5. Maciej Zurowski says:

    I hasten to add that the Safer Spaces document, rather than “setting the tone for the day and the party”, was actually remitted. An overwhelming majority of delegates voted against the proposed document.

    • I think they voted for more time to straighten out any inconsistencies with the constitution rather than against the document. I hope this was the case.

      • Hoom says:

        If it’s been remitted, it’s fair to say it’s neither been endorsed or rejected at this point. So it’s still up for debate etc.

      • Maciej Zurowski says:

        The proposed document was controversial not because of inconsistencies with the constitution, but because it is an overtly prescriptive dystopian nightmare which, rather than protecting anybody, lends itself to bureaucratic abuse. Such policies regularly end up being employed to curtail unwelcome political discourse.

        I hope the majority voted to remit it because they do not wish to be treated like children.

  6. stephen lawton says:

    Fantastic a day of difference and compromise, it doesn’t get any better than that. We can now fight and build together a better society.

  7. Alan Story says:

    We solicited and have now posted a number of comments on the founding conference from LU activists on our open Facebook page. You are welcome to take a look:

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