Left Unity election results

The following were elected as officers, national council and committee members as listed below. Where there were insufficient candidates or insufficient women candidates elected, nominations will be re-opened shortly.

Principal Speakers: Sharon McCourt, Joseph Healy and Nick Jones

National Secretary: Felicity Dowling

Treasurer: Alice Kilroy

Nominating Officer: Chris Hurley

Membership and Communications Officer: Andrew Burgin

Media Officer: Kate Hudson

Trade Union Officer: Stephen Hall


National Council – 15 directly-elected members:

Ann Bennett, Fred Leplat, Susan Pashkoff, Anna Bluston, Len Arthur, Barbara Segal, Julie Morrow, Neil Faulkner, Alison Treacher, Richard Farnos, Pete McLaren, Bianca Todd, Bob Williams Findlay and Steve Freeman


National Council – national and regional representatives:

West Midlands: Darren McCourt

Yorkshire: Marc Renwick

Wales: Peter Jones, Pam Stevens

South East: Pip Tindall, John Fitzgerald and Ed Huxley

London: Steve Eason, Doug Thorpe, Roland Rance, Ruth Steigman and Phil Hearse

North West: Janet Gifford, Martin Ralph and Ashley Walker


Standing Orders Committee: Matthew Hurry and John Pearson

Disputes Committee: Graham Gifford, Steve Ogden, and John Pearson

Constitution Commission: Kate Hudson, Ed Huxley, John Pearson, and Bob Whitehead

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

About Left Unity   Read our manifesto

Left Unity is a member of the European Left Party.

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Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Sat 20 July, 11.00-16.00
Stop Brexit: Left Bloc on the March for Change

As the Tory Party is taken over by an extreme right-wing Brexiter, we will join the left bloc to march against Brexit.

More info at Facebook

24 & 27 July
Remain Reform Revolt, public meetings

In Birmingham, Leeds and more. Organised by Another Europe Is Possible and with a great lineup.

More info here.


Sun 18 Aug, 11.30-14.30
Peterloo March for Democracy – 200th Anniversary

Whitworth Park, Manchester.

More info on Facebook.

20-27 Sept
Global Climate Strike

Global climate strikes and a week of actions to demand an end to the age of fossil fuels and emergency action to avoid climate breakdown.

More info here

8-10 Nov
European Forum, Brussels

The annual event for progressive, environmental and left forces will take place in Brussels. If you are interested in attending contact info@leftunity.org

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