Left Unity condemns US state terrorism in Iraq

Left Unity condemns the US killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and six others in a drone strike in Iraq. This was an act of state terrorism – extra-judicial killings that are illegal under international law. The US acted as a rogue state.

These political assassinations are further destabilising the region, creating the conditions for a much wider conflict, and must be condemned by the entire international community.

The Middle East has been a war zone since the US/UK-led war on Iraq in 2003 – a war for oil and strategic regional control – justified by lies and trumped-up charges. Millions have died and been displaced and untold suffering has been caused.

It’s time for centuries of western imperialism and intervention in the region to end.


3 responses to “Left Unity condemns US state terrorism in Iraq”

  1. Clive says:

    All US-UK troops must be withdrawn form Iraq and Syria, NOW, before WW3 escalates to engulf the whole of the Middle East and parts of South Asia.

    ‘The USA Doubles Down on its Saudi Allegiance’ –

  2. Felicity Dowling says:

    Please find Left (Sol) Party’s (Turkey)statement about the assassination of Kasim Soleimani.
    American imperialism just stepped further in its bloody game in Middle East. Commander of the Quds Forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Kasim Soleimani is killed in an assassination.

    Before the assassination, US had canceled the nuclear deal with Iran to bring the region on the verge of exploding within Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. And now, with the assassination, they fired the first bullet of a new war in our region. A war like this means a new kind of polarizing and deepening of current fights.

    United States had never hesitated to kill and impoverish people for the sake of their interests. Iran is not different in this regard.

    People of Middle East doesn’t want any kind of foreign forces in their countries as Iraqi people claimed in their mass protest in American Embassy. People wants to solve their own problems themselves in the impoverished atmosphere the wars brought on them.

    The kind of people in our country who came to line to applaud American bombings didn’t surprise us. The sectarian government supporters, the liberals who expect democracy from American bombs, the analysts who declares themselves as independent… All of them stand in American front…

    The American imperialism attacks Middle East and Latin America with civil wars, coups, assassinations and all kinds of bloody games. It is the arch enemy of people in all over the world.

    We should stand against every move of American imperialism which would trigger new civil and regional wars in our region to Iran in particular. United States of America should be kicked out of our region and rest of the world.

    We will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the region who stand against imperialism.

  3. Ivan Axelbank says:


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