Left Unity condemns the IDF’s massacre of peaceful Palestinian protestors

Today, 20,000 Palestinians marched peacefully on the #GreatReturnMarch in the besieged Gaza strip, calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees. Despite their peaceful intention being announced clearly in advance, the marchers were met with live fire from Israeli Defence Force (IDF) snipers, hundreds of metres away behind a secure fence, and a newly developed drone technology that rains tear gas. The death toll is now being reported at 15 with over 1400 injured. No Israeli casualties are being reported. There are videos which show Palestinians being shot as they were walking away from the protest.
This is a deeply shocking criminal act for which there is no conceivable justification. It must be condemned by the British Government, the Labour Party, and by the entire international community.

We mourn those who have been murdered today. May they rest in peace.
Omar Abu Samour
Mahmoud Abu Muammar
Mohammed Najjar
Mohammed Abu Omar
Ahmad Oudeh
Jihad Freneh
Mahmoud Rahmi
Abdelfattah Abdenabbi
Ibrahim Abu Shar
Abdelqader al-Hawajri
Sari Adu Odeh
Hamdan Abu Amsheh
Jihad Abu Jamous
Bader Sabbagh

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