Left Unity condemns horrific attack

Left Unity condemns the horrific attack in Manchester and sends deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those who died and to all those injured and affected by the attack.

We pay tribute to the people of Manchester for their dignified and compassionate response. Their determination to stand together as a community, in all their diversity, undivided, is a powerful and moving lesson. We stand with them in solidarity, to resist hatred and to fight for a more just and peaceful world.

Mourning those young lives lost, Left Unity National Secretary, Felicity Dowling, said:

“Singing, dancing, laughing girls, are the light and love of families everywhere across the globe.

We today are mourning the young women and men of Manchester.

There will be heart-wrenching sorrow for bereaved families, from the sheer brutality of the attack at the concert.

The weeping in Manchester mirrors that which has followed attacks across the world on so many communities.

We need a better world where peace, safety and joy in music, dance and art are the normal everyday experience of all the children. We will work together across society to achieve that.

Solidarity is our strength as we strive for that better world.”

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20 January 2018
Conference: Turkey under the state of emergency

10am to 4pm at NUT, Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD

Solidarity with the People of Turkey

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26/27 February 2018
Mobilise against Trump’s visit

Trump is expected to visit Britain at this time. Protests to be announced.

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