Ken Loach statement on Scottish independence

The Scottish Republic Yes Tendency in Left Unity has over sixty supporters, including Ken Loach who has given us the following statement (31 July 2014). He says:

“For a few hours, Scottish people have control over their future. They can choose to keep that power or give it back to a state dominated by the British ruling class. Independence would not solve the problems but it would give Scottish people the power to start to create a more just, more fair, more sustainable society.

“When the Sandinistas in Nicaragua kicked out a dictator and began to build hospitals and schools and take industries into public ownership, they were opposed by the U.S. They were the ‘threat of a good example’. If Scotland leaves the UK, we in England will face a Tory majority. But if an independent Scotland is a success it can be, for us, the threat of a good example and show that a progressive government can improve lives now and make the future sustainable.

“A Scottish government that reproduces a pale version of Westminster politics will be a wasted opportunity. A Scottish government that puts the long term interests of the people first could move the centre of the political debate to the left and do us all a favour.”

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  1. maggie deakin says:

    This is a momentus time in history. If the scots can hold their nerve and vote for independence it could lead to a more equal sharing of power and wealth in all the u.k.
    The alternative is a deepening of wage slavery and neglect of our mist vulnerable.

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