Internal elections 2018 – regional statements

London Region

Two candidates for five places (we will soon reopen nominations)

Steve Freeman
Nominated by Matthew Hurry, Joseph Healey, Miguel Martinez Lucio, Richard Farnos, South London Branch

Comrades, the Tories ‘Red, White and Blue’ British Exit will dominate UK politics over the next year. May’s five negotiating pledges with the EU “must respect the referendum” and “strengthen our union of nations and our union of people”.

Since 2014 major events have shifted politics in the UK – the Scottish referendum, the rise and rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the EU referendum, the breakdown of the Good Friday Agreement and the tragedy of Grenfell Tower. Left Unity must change direction or be left high and dry.

In 2013 Left Unity identified itself as a ‘radical socialist party’. Corbyn and Momentum have taken that idea to new heights and many of our members with it. We have shift to the left and not drift to the right. We have to put clearer blue water between our small organisation and the massive Labour Party, but not on the basis of some ill-defined ultra-left Trotskyism and sectarianism.

In contrast to the Labour Party, Left Unity has policies on paper which are anti-Unionist, republican and pro-European. We already identify strongly with the European left. But whilst we are formally republican and anti-Unionist we have no track record of agitation or action. We have to become recognisable by our practical activity as a pro-European, anti-unionist republican socialist party.

The French Parti de Gauche identifies itself with “Ecologie – Socialisme – Republique” and actively campaigns for a new sixth Republic. If you can do that in republican France you can surely fight for a (second) republic in our undemocratic disunited Kingdom.

We can take inspiration from the republicans and socialists – Levellers and Diggers – in England’s first republic in 1649. In our growing ‘crisis of democracy’ we must take seriously Tony Benn’s campaign for a written constitution for our “Commonwealth”.

Matthew Hurry
Nominated by Joseph Healy, Richard Farnos, South London Branch

I’m standing for this election because I believe Left Unity still has a role to serve in the current political spectrum, and I’d like to help the party grow and develop. Despite the exodus of people on the left to the Labour Party and Momentum, these two organisations are still operating within the confines of established politics and will inevitably have to make compromises that go against the will of their membership and the electorate. Left Unity can be the alternative to this, as long as we can work together to clearly shape and define what our party stands for.

I’ve been an active member of Left Unity and the South London branch for 3 years, regularly attending branch and regional meetings, and joining comrades on countless demonstrations and other public events to promote Left Unity and the organisations and causes we support.

I’m a member of UNITE and actively involved with Southwark Defend Council Housing, Axe the Housing Act, and local housing campaigns in Southwark.

I feel I can bring a unique perspective to the National Council and would particularly like to assist other technologically-minded comrades in creating a more robust online presence for the party, including a more user-friendly website.


One candidate for two places (we will soon reopen nominations)

Pamela Stevens
Nominated by Kate Hudson, Peter Jones

Left Unity provides what other mainstream parties don’t, a clearly socialist agenda. In the face of increasing cuts and the cruel effect of the neo-liberal agenda which has been successfully ripping lives apart for the last ten years, Left Unity’s determined and evidence-based approach constantly challenges the accepted status quo. No more so than here in Wales where we have kept up the detailed flow of information and counter argument against austerity, all of which is freely and publicly shared. Another way is possible. At some point the tide will turn against the present Westminster government and it’s always been my belief that Left Unity is a beacon of hope, shining a clear light on the way forward. We’re a small party but we’re not alone. There are plenty more international beacons out there too and together our different groups can effect change for a better, fairer, kinder society. Please re-elect me as a representative for Wales so I can continue to support the work of Left Unity here and internationally.

Yorkshire & Humberside

One candidate for three places (we will soon reopen nominations)

Marc Renwick
Nominated by Felicity Dowling, Nick Jones

I have been a member of Left Unity in Leeds since the organisation was formed in 2013 and I am an activist in various campaigns particularly in defending the NHS, where I have worked as a nurse for the past 30 years. There has been a significant shift on the political terrain for the left over recent years. Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party illustrates that change. The growth of a political alternative to years of Blairite dominance has been a fantastic development but has also asked questions of all those organisations that stand to the left of Labour. I believe that there is still space for a left wing socialist organisation that stands on an anti capitalist position and argues for a different type of society to that offered by the neoliberal market and against the nationalist populism of the likes of Trump.

I’m proud that Left Unity is part of the Party of the European Left and stands alongside those other organisations in Europe that see another type of Europe is possible. Left Unity needs to oppose the xenophobia of a Right wing Brexit and to fight for the principles of freedom of movement. We should continue to try to organise and participate in the struggles over the next period to oppose further austerity and privatisation.

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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