Kat Burdon Manley – Nominated by Cardiff LU
Andy Hewett – Nominated by Cardiff LU


Kat Burdon Manley
Nominated by Cardiff LU

I helped set up Left Unity in Cardiff because I think it is important to have a voice in Wales for the vast majority of people affected by austerity. In Cardiff we have been campaigning on the ground to put an end to the bedroom tax, which blames the poorest people in society for a crisis not caused by them. While luxury private apartments lie empty in the bay area of Cardiff, the same neighbourhood is home to the residents of Butetown, where people are being forced out of their homes where they raised families, because a spare room has become vacant. Women are disproportionately affected by austerity, because two thirds of women work in the public sector, which is being cut.

We need to put an end to blaming the poor, women, the disabled and BME communities. A change is desperately needed in Wales, and an anti austerity party, fighting on the ground, in the campaigns with the people of Wales and in our unions, to save public jobs and the services used and needed by the community is what I want to represent, help build and be involved in.

I am the joint National Secretary of the International Socialist Network.

Andy Hewett
Nominated by Cardiff LU

I am a founding member of Left Unity in the Cardiff branch. Having already represented Cardiff at the TNC I look forward to the opportunity to represent Wales on the National Council.

I work for Public Health Wales and am a member of Unite; in a previous NHS position I have been a Unison rep.

I have experience of serving on the National Executive of the Green Party and on its Regional Council whilst living in London, I also convened Green Left and chaired the Green Party Trade Union Group. I hope to be able to bring some of this experience to representing the members of Wales in Left Unity.

I left the Green Party over its decision to implement austerity and cuts in Brighton and am now excited at the prospect of being part of the Left Unity project and the chance to be a part of building a new broad party of the left. I am a member of Socialist Resistance and a committed ecosocialist. I believe that building Left Unity as a socialist, environmentalist, feminist and internationalist organisation is vital in challenging austerity in the first instance, and as part of building a movement towards a positive alternative to capitalism and the neoliberal offensive.

Wales has a unique perspective within Left Unity, from the devolved powers of the Welsh Assembly, geographically and culturally with distinct regional diversity and the Welsh language, to different challenges faced in health, education, employment and the environment. Recognising this diversity is essential and in doing so I hope to be able to effectively represent members of Wales on the National Council.

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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