Oliver New and Tim Nelson are standing for this position as a job share 

Tim Nelson – Nominated by Cardiff, West London
Oliver New – Nominated by Cardiff, West London



Tim Nelson
Nominated by Cardiff, West London

In my opinion trade union activity should be an absolute priority for Left Unity. We have many members who are active in their unions, both locally and nationally, and we are in danger of missing a number of opportunities to have a real impact on the trade union movement. We are aiming to build a radical alternative to the left of the Labour Party, which has a major influence over the unions, particularly over its leaders.

Left Unity, in my view, should aim to be relating to those grassroots union
members who want to see a fight back against the Con Dem government and the
austerity agenda, which both the Labour Party and the trade union leaderships have failed to produce.

I am a local government worker, and a Shop Steward in North Somerset Unison.
I am active in the Save Weston General Hospital campaign and the local campaign against the Bedroom Tax, and a member of Bristol Left Unity. I am not in any tendency, but I am a member of the International Socialist Network.


Oliver New
Nominated by Cardiff, West London

Left Unity must be seen to support workers struggles nationally and locally.
Unions are in the frontline of the resistance to austerity and face attack from the bosses, Government, Labour Party, mass media and the courts.Nowadays trade union reps have to fight attack after attack on their members.

Left Unity should fight for unity in unions, in communities and across industries. We should produce solidarity leaflets and online reports, but never patronising advice.

Our branches must be welcoming places where union and community activists will find support and comradeship.

I come from South Wales and now live in Southall, West London. I’m proud to chair Ealing Trades Council, with its history of militant community organising.

After being blacklisted in engineering I became a Tube Driver. I’ve helped organise many strikes on the Underground and have been a local Rep, Chair and Secretary of my RMT Region and a member of the national RMT Executive.

I’m not in a tendency.

Left Unity is active in movements and campaigns across the left, working to create an alternative to the main political parties.

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Events and protests from around the movement, and local Left Unity meetings.

Saturday 22 September: 12 noon
Save Liverpool Women’s Hospital Demonstration

More details here

Sat 29 Sep, 11.00-15.00
Protest at the Conservative Party Conference

To call time on failed austerity and campaign for a new deal for working people.

Victoria Square, Birmingham. More info on Facebook.

9-11 Nov
European Forum of Progressive Forces, Bilbao

To debate, build and act to ward-off current threats.

Sun 17 Nov, 12.00
National Unity Demonstration Against Fascism and Racism

Central London. More info on Facebook

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