HDV: victory in sight

A powerful local community campaign has been built against Haringey Council’s plans to privatise council housing. It is on the verge of success with huge national implications. Already it is having a positive impact on similar struggles across London. As a result, the Labour Party National Executive (NEC) has intervened with the council. We have a real chance to get the HDV halted once and for all. However we need to remind councillors of the opposition of their residents to this. We are calling for everyone across London who values the provision of council housing and opposes the handing of public property to private developers to support this campaign and to make it count across all boroughs. We must also give support to the councillors who will vote to end the HDV, and to persuade more to join them.

Haringey Left Unity on demo to Council Chamber

In May people will get a chance to vote in the local election – the councillors in the chamber should be reminded of who elects them and that they don’t want the HDV.

For the latest details of the Stop HDV campaign click here

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