Bundestag Nazifrei – Berlin protests

Wirbleibendabei_BTNF-620x380Over 12,000 thousand protesters marched through Berlin this Sunday in opposition to the far right racist Alternative for Germany entering Parliament, reports Left Unity Principal Speaker, Nick Jones. This is the first time in post-war Germany that a party with 92 MPs will poison national politics on such a grand scale. Racsism and hate is being fuelled by this party – 2016 saw over 3000 attacks on asylum centres and volunteers assisting refugees across Germany.

Who are the AfD? The organisation was launched before the 2013 German elections attracting support from disillusioned conservatives, racists and neo-nazi elements. They gaained sucess in German Federal elections in Saxony, Thuringen and Brandenburg.  The neo-nazi wing is led by Bjorn Hocke. He has attacked the holocaust memorial in Berlin as a disgrace and wants to take back the German Fatherland piece by piece.

They claim to represent the typical family but are a pro-market, pro-privatisation party. They seek a massive reduction in taxation that will leave services underfunded. They are anti-refugee and anti-migrant. They see Islam as the greatest danger facing Germany. They seek to make practising Islam almost impossible. They are undemocratic and seek to undermine the rights and freedoms of others. It is important that pressure grows to ensure that they are not allowed to form coaltions and their racism does not go unchecked. Many anti-AfD groups and initiatives are being formed across Germany. Some useful links:Aufstehen-gegen-Rassismus-Logo




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