Forget the national anthem, get serious about Corbyn

Responding to the attacks on Jeremy Corbyn today, Salman Shaheen of Left Unity said:

“Jeremy Corbyn is asking serious life-and-death questions to David Cameron at prime minister’s questions.

“Yet the Tories and parts of the media seem obsessed with whether he sings the national anthem or not.

“As a republican party we stand full-square behind any choice not to sing that the Queen should be ‘long to reign over us’.

“It is entirely reasonable to show respect for the dead without endorsing the institution of the monarchy.

“The right wing media will pick on Corbyn whatever he says or does. If he had sung the anthem it would be something else. Because they are playground bullies, they hate him and they are afraid of him.

“The media should get serious and look at the many policies and issues he is talking about.”

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