European Left statement on Hungary

Brussels, 13 September 2018

Yesterday, a large majority of the European Parliament decided to call for the initiation of a rule-of-law procedure under Article 7 against the EU Member State Hungary, disciplinary measures against a member state. Of the 751 deputies, 448 voted in favor and 197 against, 48 abstained. Thus the necessary two-thirds majority was reached. Although such a procedure is already underway against another of the four Visegrád states (Poland), which was triggered by the Commision, this plenary decision is so far unique in the history of the European Parliament.

Attila Vajnai, Chairperson of Workers’ Party of Hungary 2006, a member of the Party of the European Left, declares:
Our Party welcomes this decision, and now we start an action to have a referendum about European Prosecutions. We ask EP to continue an investigation into the violation of human rights in Hungary. We suggest forming a committee that can keep contacts with the opposition and civil groups. We would like to press the government of Orbán to change this anti-democratic policy.

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