Economic Policy Commission Launched

The Economic Policy Commission will be convened by Pete Green and Salman Shaheen.

All Left Unity activists are invited to participate in discussions of the Economic Policy commission, which are taking place on the Leftunity forums. (you will need to register on the forums to start posting).


2 responses to “Economic Policy Commission Launched”

  1. Baton Rouge says:

    Socialism is an economic policy and it is the only one we need. It involves the the transformation of the giant corporations and monpolies and their giant surpluses that are sucking the life out of the economy with their profiteering and cash hoarding into social property.

    On the finance front the bail out of the bankrupt banks must end and their staff, estates and deposits taking into adminstration to form a new National Bank with a monopoly of credit (to prevent the private financiers countefeiting money – credit swap defaults – by the trillion). This bank to lend at base rate to small business and to facilitate social investment (greening of infrastructure, housing, etc)in accordance with a democratic and sustainable plan.

  2. simon webbe says:

    A key contribution to any economic forum should be developing an understanding how the current economic crisis is meaningful in the context of centuries of.
    The best web site i have found addressing this is Socialist Economic bulletin with a background paper which can make a serious contribution to all starting points of where the world economy is going, what transformations are needed, why China is coping best with the global slow down, why Ecuador has some of the best policies, why austerity has been imposed, and is not working and being pursued by the capitalist class etc etc A great starting point is here:

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