Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn!

Left Unity congratulates Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party on an outstanding election result and calls on Theresa May to stand down. This has been a remarkable, policy-oriented election campaign which has shifted the political narrative in Britain. Significant numbers – including amongst young people – have rejected Tory policies based on fear, intolerance, stoking up divisions in our society and increasing inequality. Millions have rejected the Tory agenda of hard-Brexit and power projection based on nuclear weapons and military spending.

Left Unity has been proud to support Corbyn’s vision of a different society, and to work in support of his victory at this election. His radical approach has led to Labour’s first increase in seats since 1997 and its biggest increase in the share of the vote since 1945. Labour’s support has grown because Corbyn’s policies are based on social and economic justice and a rejection of austerity and cuts. Support has also grown because Corbyn’s policies stand for peace, respect and our shared humanity. This goes beyond national boundaries to his vision of how we relate to the rest of the world. No longer Blair’s ‘war-fighting nation’, ‘punching above its weight’, but a decent part of a shared community of nations.

Left Unity National Secretary Felicity Dowling said:

‘This is a tremendous victory for Jeremy Corbyn’s politics and we congratulate him and all those who have worked to secure this advance. We call on all those in the Labour Party – including the Parliamentary Labour Party – that have not previously supported Corbyn’s leadership and policies, to recognise the reality and get on board. The future of the Labour Party lies with Corbyn not the ‘Tory-lite’ rerun of Blairism that has so abjectly failed. We support the call from Jeremy Corbyn for Theresa May to resign. Her credibility is shot and she should go immedately.’



2 responses to “Congratulations Jeremy Corbyn!”

  1. Peter Claussen says:

    Dear Jeremy,
    congratulations on an exelent election result. Thank you for your resilience and for being an inspiration to the people, especially the younger generation.

    Kind regards

  2. Suzy Gillett says:

    Really great news, glad Left Unity played a part in this result. Onwards!

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