British Youth: another generation betrayed

Ashley Walker writes:

From the moment I was old enough to understand that I would have to shape my own future, I was told as I am sure so many other young people were told, that if we worked hard, we followed the rules and followed the law, we got good grades and went to school, college and university and did what we can to help our friends, family and community, that we would get good jobs and be able to build our own lives and pass the same privileges we have had to the next generation and the next and the next.

Lies, lies and MORE LIES!!!

Lies that ooze so easily from the mouths of corrupt politicians, now what do we actually face, zero hour contracts casualising our jobs our capacity to make a living and forge our own future, our governments agenda to take away our NHS, our social housing and our public services. Our government disgracefully appeasing and cooperating with fascists, fascists who if they had their way would take our very freedom and outright murder anyone who is born different or through life made different from them.

We must not let this STAND!!!

We must join together with each other and fellow youth around the world and say this, NO!!!

No we will not accept your utter betrayal of us and our parents, who will have to watch their children, their grandchildren and even their great-grandchildren be worse off than they were.

No we will not accept your austerity.

No we will not accept your scapegoating migrants and refugees.

No we will not accept your using a very small number of extremists to attack the entire Muslimcommunity, we will not stand idly by while you accept them being banned from countries and attacked in the streets.

What we will do is join together in the knowledge that a lone voice can be silenced but hundreds of voices cannot be so easily silenced, thousands of voices can stand up for what is right, millions of voices calling out in unity can change our entire nation for the better, and billions of voices can change the entire world for the better FOR EVERYONE!!!

Youth of Britain, now is the time to fight, now is the time to do more than just vote for one representative or leader, now is the time to fight for everything we hold dear and to show those that wish to take it from us that so long as we are alive we will not stand by and be silent.


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