Against the G7, for the rights of peoples and nations!

European Left Party statement: The G7 meets in a bunker atmosphere in Biarritz from 24 to 26 August. 
It is an illegitimate framework that brings together the war- and austerity-mongers, 
those responsible for the worsening of poverty and the lack of will to fight effectively 
against global warming, those who create the conditions for the next crisis of capitalism, 
the promoters of free trade agreements and those responsible for closing borders against 

The G7 does not even represent the largest economic powers in the world today,
without China, without India, without Russia excluded in 2014. It is a framework for the 
defence of Atlanticism, relations with NATO and Western interests.

The G7 is a demonstration of security and repression. This is the pretext for a
massive police and security deployment. Biarritz and a part of the French Basque
country are transformed into a bunker. The EL is in solidarity with the fight
against Vincenzo Vecchi's delivery to Salvini, arrested a few days before the G7, and 
protests against the expulsion of a German journalist from French territory a few days ago.

The EL, with the PCF and the United Left of Spain and the PCE, participates in the counter-summit 
of Hendaye and Irun which is held from August 21st to 23rd. The climate, social and economic 
crisis and the risks of war cannot be solved by those who are responsible for them.

The time has come for a real international initiative driven by peoples and nations and devoted to 
the emergencies of the planet. It is necessary and urgent for people and for the climate!


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