‘A suicidal decision’: Left Unity condemns Trump over Paris Agreement

On Wednesday, the Dail (the Irish parliament) passed a bill banning onshore fracking in the Irish Republic. Ireland now joins three other EU states in banning fracking and the environmental risks associated with it, as well as its impact on climate change. By contrast, President Trump, the so-called ‘Leader of the Free World’ has just announced that the US, the world’s second largest emitter of CO2, is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement stating: ‘I am the President of the USA and not of Paris!’

At a time when the Arctic is predicted to be completely ice free in summer within 20 years and the Antarctic ice caps are melting at a rapid rate, such a decision is not only folly but suicidal. In his efforts to satisfy his backers from big oil and gas and also to agree with the deluded ideas on climate change of Steve Bannon and the alt Right, Trump is endangering the future of not only this generation but of generations to come.

The UK must decide if it will pursue the logic of Brexit and follow Trump into environmental nihilism or join with the EU and the rest of the world in trying to protect the future of the planet.

Left Unity Principal Speaker, Joseph Healy, said: ‘We call on the UK government to oppose this appalling decision and to work to support the Paris Climate Agreement. Left Unity will campaign with environmental groups in the UK against fracking and will also campaign as part of the European Left Party for a strong European and global response – to protect the Paris Agreement and to condemn the actions of the fossil fuel industry and Trump in trying to overthrow it.’

Claire James, from the Campaign against Climate Change, said: ‘Trump pulling the US out from the Paris climate deal will not halt climate action. But with the world on the verge of dangerous tipping points even delaying emissions cuts will be disastrous. It’s vital that the rest of the world stands strong and nations do not weaken ambition – including the UK government.’



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