Green-Left gain in Croatia

The Coalition’s 7 new MPs

Zeleno–lijeva koalicija, Croatia’s new Green-Left Coalition, has won seven seats in Croatia’s recent parliamentary election. Left Unity congratulates this new party – founded in 2017 as the Left Bloc for the Zagreb local elections – on its excellent first Croatian-wide result.

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the Party of the European Left – which has given support to the Coalition – said:

The Green-Left Coalition’s historic score tells us that Croatians want to break with decades of bad politics. The European Left (EL) congratulates the Green–Left Coalition, all its members and volunteers for this historic electoral score at the Croatian legislative elections.

This result confirms that Croatian citizens not only want to break with the past but also that the Coalition has caught this demand to change.

The Coalition has scored an important election result in the polls – a milestone in the history of Croatia – because it represents the only leftist alternative to the country’s neoliberal system.

The Coalition is the only political project in Croatia that is close to the working people and represents a real change against the rise of the extreme right, against the lack of social policies of the centrist parties, and against decades of bad politics, both in Croatia and in Europe.”



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