SOS NHS! Building for the Day of Action

Nick Jones reports: I was invited to attend a 25-strong Unite Community branch meeting in Leeds this week, to talk about the SOS NHS campaign’s planned Day of Action on 26th February. A substantial mobilisation is building, with news coming in of events and actions around the country.

And a lot’s going on at the moment – not surprisingly. I got an invitation to the national Unite briefing with 105 people present on zoom – Left Unity Principal Speaker Felicity Dowling, who is a leading campaigner for the NHS in Liverpool, was also there. Then I went to Leeds Keep Our NHS planning meeting with 19 activists present – preparing our local action for the Day of Action.

This campaign is really popular and is growing fast.

People are organising and nearly all unions are on board – together with lots of health groups and others, like CND which is highlighting their Nurses not Nukes message, and the Green Party and more.
The 26th will be big – there are hundreds of protests being organised now – but the Labour Party has yet to sign. Let’s do all we can to bring them on board and make this a Day to shake the government and get the change we need.

More information, posters and leaflets are available here

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  1. Helen Field says:

    Could you also post the Unite list of local events as well?

    Thank you,
    Helen Field

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