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We’re pleased to announce Left Unity’s participation in a new political initiative. We have come together with the Breakthrough Party, Liverpool Community Independents and others – asking for support to move towards founding a new broad party of the left. We believe that the need for a new party is urgent. Labour under Starmer is planning to follow the same brutal policies as the Tories. A new politics is needed that provides real answers to climate change, the cost of living explosion, the erosion of democracy and the spread of war. As of November 30th, Transform has now been founded as a new party. Join here.

We urgently need an answer. But in Britain, while the Tory party fuels these crises, the Labour Party is failing to provide an alternative.

The right wing has regained control of Labour. Jeremy Corbyn, and his politics that inspired millions across our society, have been cast out.

Labour now opposes strikes, rejects renationalisation, refuses to defend refugees, and won’t scrap student fees – or even the two-child benefit cap.

Keir Starmer has overseen the driving out of 200,000 Labour members. ‘The many’ who supported Labour politics from 2015 to 2019 are denied a political voice.

We need a political organisation that offers a real solution: one that challenges the system at the root of every crisis we face.

Over recent months, organisations and individuals from the labour and trade union movement have come together to discuss a way forward. These include existing left parties, Breakthrough, Left Unity and the Liverpool Community Independents, together with others who were in the Labour Party and more from across the left.

Now we are taking the next step: inviting all who agree with the core principles, outlined in the call, to move rapidly towards founding a new party of the left.

We want you to join us in this vital initiative. Together we can transform politics. The time is now.

We are calling all our website readers to sign up and help build this initiative.

People supporting the call include former Labour MP Thelma Walker; Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU); Solma Ahmed, former Labour Women’s Committee and Momentum NCG member; Derek Wall, ecosocialist writer and former principal speaker of the Green Party; Lucy Williams, Alan Gibbons and Sam Gorst, Liverpool Community Independent councillors; Seema Syeda, anti-racist activist; Maia Thomas, Black Lives Matter activist; Zoe Gardner, refugee rights campaigner, and many others.

You can view the call, core principles, launch supporters and sign-up (and if you can afford to help the project financially donate) here.

If you sign up you will be kept in touch with events, opportunities to participate and how to help with developing policy proposals.

Please also share the call on your social media, to your campaigns, networks, trade union, friends and work colleagues urging people to sign up.

Alternatively, if people you contact are not yet ready to sign up, but are prepared to donate some money, they can do that either on the launch page via the ‘donate’ button or at the crowdfunder.

There will be a lot of coverage on our social media which we ask you to share.

You can see the launch video on YouTube here.

The new project also has its own social media sites which we ask you to follow and share:

Twitter @tf_politics

Facebook Transform Politics

Threads @transformpolitics

Instagram transformpolitics

TikTok transformpolitics

As well as sharing the call, we are looking for people who are prepared to work with the Transform team to organise supporters’ groups and meetings in local areas. If you can help with this please let the Transform team know

This is a huge task, with much to gain and we will need as much support from our readers as you can give to help it succeed. If you have any questions or want to discuss how you can help, please do not hesitate to contact

Doug Thorpe

National Secretary Left Unity


5 responses to “Sign Up to Transform Politics”

  1. We definitely need an alternative party to the blue and red tories

  2. M Barnes says:

    I am thrilled you are taking this brave step, putting your own positions aside and joining forces and building power. Heros. Leaders. Thank you.

  3. Peter Langley says:

    At long last. An initiative we can get behind.

  4. John Fisk says:

    There is no specific mention of nationalisation or common ownership of utilities and other key industries. No mention of industrial democracy.
    Also what about policy on Housing, Education, Health and Social care?
    Like so many on the supposed left, Transform appears to be based around identity politics rather than the core notion of socialist economic transformation.

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