Scunthorpe Scaffolders Striking to Defend Pay

The 62 workers have been on continuous strike action for 9 weeks in a long-running dispute with their employer Actavo (UK). They are significantly underpaying their workers. This breaks a national agreement which sets fair rates for the job and prevents a race to the bottom for construction workers. But Unite says that the client, British Steel, must also take responsibility for this long running dispute.

Unite General Secretary, Sharon Graham said:

“The workers on strike have their union’s steadfast support. My priority is to defend Unite members’ jobs, pay and conditions. Actavo and British Steel need to stop playing pass the parcel by blaming each other for underpaying the workers. It’s clear British Steel now needs to come to the negotiating table and resolve this dispute.

“Unite will not allow employers to break national agreements and erode workers’ pay for greater profits. We are prepared to fight tooth and nail to stop the race to the bottom.”

Employers cannot be allowed to break national agreements and erode workers’ pay for greater profits.

Please show solidarity with striking workers and add your name to the petition?

Actavo: Pay scaffolders fairly | Megaphone UK

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One response to “Scunthorpe Scaffolders Striking to Defend Pay”

  1. Martine says:

    Everyone deserves fair pay. Scunthorpe scaffolding have my full support. Always profit over people for the rich . Shame on you Actavo and British steel !

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