Left Unity Elections: nominee statements

Name: Francis Fish
Post: Principal Speaker
Nominated by: Felicity Dowling, Jim Hollinshead

We are potentially on the cusp of becoming a large party that has a lot of social weight if we can find our audience. For example, there was an article in The Independent saying that 60% of the population want an alternative to the moribund pair that are taking up the political space in this country, There is a need for a principle-driven, honest, ecosocialist party that can help build an alternative to the neoliberal hellscape we are forced to deal with at the moment. We were founded to be a broad left party that others can affiliate with and work with on principled campaigns and I think we need to build the party on that basis.

I am the political officer for my union, and want to build links into the labour movement more broadly and put the party more into the limelight.

I also run the substack Green Plenty, where I have been arguing for eco socialism and creating a true opposition for some time. I also wrote a critique of recent neoliberal Labour history called Empire Socialism. I want to help develop a programme people can unite around that will help us turn around the political life in this country and give people hope again, fighting poverty, inequality, and dangerous chauvinism.


Name: Joseph Healy
Post: Principal Speaker
Nominated by: Felicity Dowling, Jim Hollinshead

I am standing for the post of Principal Speaker.

I have been Principal Speaker before and have been the International Officer for the last year. I have also been on the National Council for a number of years. I also serve on the Cultural Network of the European Left. I have been a member of Left Unity since its founding conference. I hope to develop further links with the European Left Party and particularly in the cultural sphere. I am also a member of the National Steering Committee of Covid Action and want to continue to work towards making society safe from the virus and ensure that the NHS is not overwhelmed.

I am standing primarily to pursue Left Unity 2022 National Conference policy to: _”prioritise our left alliance building work with the aim of creating a new radical ecosocialist, internationalist, feminist, free movement party which gives full allegiance to and is deeply involved in the organised working class and our communities in Britain; whilst recognising that such a radical left party will have to develop autonomously within Scotland and Wales, giving full recognition to the right to national self-determination and the need for a radical and ecosocialist organisation and movement within these countries”.


Name: Nick Jones
Post: Principal Speaker
Nominated by: Felicity Dowling, Jim Hollinshead

I am a founder member of Left Unity and have been active in maintaining a branch in Leeds. As principle speaker I am committed to ensuring that Left Unity is an outward looking organisation and we ensure that we work with a range of organisations and campaigns. We need to reflect the diversity of the movement.

We face a resurgence from the far right and it is important that we take a firm stand against the sexist and misogynist wave of abuse that is growing in the UK. Attacks on migrants, asylum seekers further pollute the rightward drift at home and abroad.

I have been active in campaigns for lesbian and gay rights and am committed to ensuring that all of the equality strands are represented and their rights in law are protected. I have been an active campaigner alongside women’s rights campaigners and worked closely with health campaigners. I have helped organise meetings, strikes, picket lines, protests and demonstrations. I am keen to ensure that Left Unity organises meetings for members in localities, nationally and online. As a socialist I am opposed to war, rearmament and committed to campaigning against the threats posed to the environment. I have made numerous contributions to Left Unity website including reports, translations, interviews.

We have never faced such a right wing government and need a force on the left willing  to challenge the rightward drift in Labour. We need to work alongside others in the interest of Left Unity- for the oppressed groups, for trade unions, for peace and international solidarity.

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