Ken Loach’s solidarity message to striking French workers

The biggest workers’ struggles in a generation continue across France against the new Labour laws. Jeremy Corbyn and Ken Loach both sent messages to striking workers blockading the oil refinery in Le Havre. The video below the text of Ken Loach’s greeting shows the response when those messages were read to a mass meeting of workers.

“At last, workers are fighting back against attacks on their job security, wages and conditions.
In Britain we have long experience of politicians who call themselves socialist yet who act as servants of the big corporations. They want a docile workforce that can be hired and fired at will. This is what Capitalism has always demanded.
Through your struggle we can see that another Europe is possible, based on mutual support and co-operation, where all can work with dignity and be properly rewarded.
Solidarity with the French workers!”

Comienza el acto en Francia convocato por el sindicato francés CGT en la refinería bloqueada Le Havre con intelectuales y políticos como Jeremy Corbyn y Ken Loach en apoyo a las protestas y huelgas contra la reforma laboral del Gobierno socialista.

Porque la lucha del pueblo francés es la lucha de todos los pueblos de Europa. Por nuestros derechos, por nuestra dignidad y nuestra vida.

Video by Miguel Urbán on Thursday, 2 June 2016


3 responses to “Ken Loach’s solidarity message to striking French workers”

  1. Sheila Sirotkin says:

    Well done to the French .France a good place to live.

  2. Tyrone. O Sullivan says:

    There is only one future for working people we have to fight back the rich and powerful will never give you anything you have to take it from them, when the miners in UK were defeated all the other unions run scared and for 30 years stopped fighting back things are starting to change .To our friends in France remember There is no shame in failure only in not having tried. I am still a member of theNUM and also a workman at Tower Colliery the only workers owned mine the world has ever seen we did not give up against all the odds we faught and won to our comrades in France keep fighting eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

  3. Bakhtiar Pirkhezri says:

    Good message, well done Ken Loach.
    Thank you for solidarity

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