Defend democracy in Portugal

For a government of the left

“Left Unity condemns the illegitimate and anti-democratic action of Portuguese President Silva in banning the Portuguese left from power, following a general election in which the combined parties of the left won 50.7% of the vote.

The Socialist Party, together with the Left Bloc and the Communist Party, have the parliamentary prerogative to form a majority government but President Silva has misused his office to impose a reactionary ideological agenda. He has abused his position to prevent a left coalition government from carrying out its mandate to bring the Troika austerity regime to an end.

Following from the EU’s crushing of Syriza for confronting the austerity ideology, this is a further attack on the democratic will of the European people.

We stand in solidarity with the left and the people of Portugal.”

Kate Hudson
National Secretary
Left Unity


5 responses to “Defend democracy in Portugal”

  1. Vera Santana says:

    This Portuguese Left Unity is, nowadays, a social-democracy with a minimum leftish political program capable to stop austerity.
    Why I support the Portuguese Left Unity? Because my people is suffering and we need an Social Emergency Plan.

  2. Donacha O'Dwyer says:

    No to dictatorship!

  3. Emma says:

    Thanks for this. But to help us argue the point with people can we please have a link explaining:
    1) what has the president done: has he asked conservative, etc., parties to form a government? (Is this because they have more seats, albeit with getting less votes in the election that ‘the left’?)
    2) Kate calls the prez’s action “illegitimate and anti-democratic”, but is it constitutional?
    3) what is this “parliamentary prerogative” that Kate speaks of? In the constitution how does this relate to any powers of the president? How has Prez Silva “misused his office”, what rule has he violated?
    4) which brings us to what is perhaps the key, something missing totally from Kate’s short statement: what are the constitutional rules in Portugal? For example, does the prez have the prerogative to ask whoever to form a government? Or, as in Greece, is she required to first ask the party with the most seats to try to form a government?

    As it is, the statement has the whiff (not a reek) of Prez Silva being bad, a wicked man, someone trying to weave a conspiracy with the politicians we despise.

    It would be useful for our work if these obvious questions are answered. Thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    In answer to Emma, the latest position (Tuesday 10th Morning) is reported by the BBC here.
    The right wing government faces a no confidence motion today that it will almost certainly lose, and the three left parties (Left Bloc, Communist/Green and Socialists) have agreed a governmental programme. However the President has said that he will not appoint a government with the left parties, but cannot constitutionally call an election. There may therefore be an impasse and constitutional hijack with the right wing President refusing to accept the outcome of the election and a left majority government.
    The basis of the left governmental agreement is set out from the point of view of the Left Bloc in these two articles here:

  5. Mike says:

    The new minority government of the Socialist Party was eventually sworn in earlier this month. The Socialist Party has agreements with Left Bloc and the Communist Party backed front. There will be presidential elections in January. For background on the Left Bloc’s agreement with the Socialist Party see this:

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