SYRIZA-PA Labour Department resolution on the French workers’ struggle

The SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance labour department has issued a statement on the struggle of French people.

Dear comrades, dear friends,
We do stand with all French Workers and their Trade Unions, in their uprise against pension
reform .
Their struggle is also the one of all workers in Europe and Greece, facing the results of
neoliberal policies that dissolve labor and insurance rights and harm social assistance and
overall public goods.
The huge mobilizations in France are a great source of inspiration for the workers in Greece
too, in their front against neoliberal policies of Mitsotakis government , the dismantling
of labor and trade union rights, the degradation of public goods and the privatization of
social welfare , energy, and essential public goods such as healthcare and access to water.
As the recent tragedy of the train collision in Greece proved, the slogan “our lives above
their profits” is more relevant than ever.
That’s why the victory of French workers will affect positively all the people of Europe in
their struggle for social justice and real democracy.

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