SOS NHS! Emergency Public Meeting

Wednesday 12th January at 7.00pm with Dr John Puntis KONP. Please join us.

The NHS is in crisis and health campaigners and trade unions GMB and UNITE have hit the New Year running with the launch of SOS NHS.

The campaign is organised around three basic demands.

  1. Approve emergency funding of £20 billion to save lives this winter.
  2. Invest in fully publicly owned NHS and guarantee free health care for future generations.
  3. Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives.

The money is urgently needed.

£8bn needed now to rebuild crumbling infrastructure and reopen beds left empty since Covid-19 struck
£3bn is needed to reorganise, rebuild and in some cases refurbish hospital buildings to enable them to reopen almost 5,000 beds that were closed in 2020 to allow for social distancing and infection control, and to ensure sufficient capital is available to build new community diagnostic hubs and surgical centres without any private sector involvement.

£18bn+ needed to ensure ‘new hospitals’ can be built as planned

NHS and care staff need pay justice that keeps pace with inflation, and restores lost wage value, not the insulting 3% pay offer.

A National Day of Action has been launched for the 26th February and supporters have been asked to organise local events and organise campaigns to pressure the Government’s March 3rd Budget announcement.

Find out more about the campaign here.

Left Unity will be discussing the crisis in the NHS and the campaign for better funding on Wednesday 12th January at 7.00pm. Please join us.

NHS EMERGENCY: meeting with Dr John Puntis from Keep our NHS Public

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