Left Unity Conference: Standing Orders Committee Report No.3

Standing Orders Committee (SOC) Report No 3 – 2021 National Conference

  1. Code of conduct for Lefty Unity National Conference – via Zoom

Refer to Standing Orders Committee: either in chat function to Kate Hudson or Craig Lewis, or email standingorders@leftunity.org (giving a phone contact number).

  1. for advice on standing orders including procedural motions and in case of complaints

  2. for questions relating to order of debate

Furthermore, SOC recommends that conference attendees:

  1. should respect authority of the chair during session

  2. should ensure that debate and discussion should be respectful

  3. should refer to Conference Arrangements Committee (Kate Hudson via chat function) for logistics and access issues

  1. The current Standing Orders Committee (SOC) members are:

Kate Hudson

Craig Lewis

  1. Report of work of the Standing Orders Committee (SOC)

A final motions and amendments booklet (SOC Report no 2.) has been published on the Party website: https://leftunity.org/the-left-at-a-time-of-crisis-left-unity-annual-conference-2021/

Motions and amendments have been grouped as far as possible by subject priority. Motions and amendments concerning strategic priorities were prioritised for this conference by the National Council (NC), followed by original policy proposals, followed by motions and amendments relating to existing policy. (SOC Report No 2). The order in which the SOC recommends the motions should be taken will be shown in the proposed Order of Business (separate document).

No emergency motions have been received so far. Conference of course controls its own agenda and may, when it receives the SOC report at the beginning of Conference, amend the ordering that has been devised by the SOC.

In approving this report, Conference is invited to approve the work done by the SOC in dealing with the agenda items.

4) Time limits on speeches

The SOC recommends that proposers of all motions be given five minutes to propose, and a further three minutes to sum up. Proposers of amendments to motions should be given three minutes to speak, All other speakers should be given up to three minutes. In the event that the conference does not run to time, the SOC may propose a reduction in speaking times which will be put to the Conference for approval.

5) Motions not reached when sessions run out of time

All motions and amendments that are not reached when sessions run out of time will run on to a later session allocated to motions. Motions and amendments not taken by the end of conference, shall stand referred to the National Council.

The recommended agenda and order paper has been provided in a separate document published on the website.

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