Leeds Rail Guards Striking for Our Safety

Support the Guards and oppose cuts that put lives at risk, says Nick Jones from Leeds Left Unity

“This strike is not about money for us! This is a strike about safety. It isn’t just about who opens and closes doors. This is about getting rid of the people who will be essential in safely evacuating a train in the event of a crash or disaster whereby the driver has been incapacitated. There are putting lives at risk.”   (John, RMT Steward)

Northern Rail currently has 100% proportion of trains running with a guard. A poll of Northern Rail passengers found overwhelming opposition to ‘Driver Only Operation’, with 75% of passengers saying that they would be concerned about their safety. Northern Rail aim to move to a “Driver Only Operation”, that will leave passengers without the ability to purchase a ticket if a machine was out of order. Guards will be unable to assist those with disabilities and deal with abusive or threatening passengers.

Disabled passenger campaigners are opposed to Driver Only Operation. Sixty percent of Northern Rail stations are unstaffed. Removing a guard who can assist them on and off  the train may make it more difficult for passengers who ‘turn up and go’.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

“Once again RMT members are standing firm in the fight for safe and accessible rail services this morning. The action in the two separate disputes on Northern and Merseyrail is being solidly supported across all routes in the battle for safe railways for all.

” Despite relentless campaigns of threats and intimidation RMT members are out on the picket lines this morning putting the basic principal of rail safety before the profits of the rogue rail operating companies.”

The Rail Guards’ Union the RMT is encouraging you to support their campaign- follow the links. https://www.rmt.org.uk/campaigns/rail/keep-your-guard-guarantee-northern-rail/

Support the RMT Guard Guarantee – Northern Rail


Like our facebook campaign page. Northern Rail want to remove your Guard from the train. Sign the petition here. Write to your MP and ask them to Support the RMT …



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